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Best Spinnerbaits For Pike – Classic Pike Fishing is Back!

If you’re someone that loves fishing, especially Pike, then you most probably have a spinnerbait. If you don’t have one or you are interested in expanding your spinnerbait collection, you’re in the right place! My name is Thomas and i’m a huge fan of fishing on pike! Spinnerbaits, jerk baits, soft baits, dead bait… the list goes on and on.

I have tried them all and in this blog post I will show you my best pick, best budget spinner bait, as well as the spinnerbait with the most customer reviews!

Spinnerbaits get their name because of the metal blades that spin like a propeller, acting as a distraction to fishes. Because of its versatility, it can be used in both clear and dirty water, shallow water and deep water fishing.

Best Spinnerbaits For Pike

Something that all pike fishermen LOVE is the aerial acrobatics once they strike your bait. Pike AKA Esox Lucius is a large elongated fish that can grow more than 3 feet, weighing as much as 50 pounds. And the combination of that weight and length can create some serious force! If you feel like missing out from those aerial acrobatics, here’s a list of the best Spinnerbait for Pikes you NEED TO HAVE on your next fishing trip.

  1. My number one pick: Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait
  2. Best Budget: War Eagle Gold Frame Spinnerbait Fishing Lure
  3. Most Reviewed: Strike King Baby Burner Spinnerbait

Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait


  • Smaller, redesigned Perfect Skirt with Magic Tail
  • Official KVD Insignia on the blade
  • Premium hook
  • Reflective polished metal
  • Solid ball bearing swivel

While most lures are made to catch fishes, the Strike King Finesse KVD Spinnerbait is made to catch your day. It results from collaboration between Strike King and Seven-time angler of the year, Kevin Vandam. The KVD Spinnerbait is intended to be your go-to-all-rounder.

Like all Spinnerbait, the KVD Spinnerbait particularly excels in shallow vegetation. The pin that connects the hook to the blades to flex weeds and sticks prevents potential foul-ups.

The larger willow shaped blades with the KVD symbol spin quickly through thick cover. Whereas the smaller Colorado blade allows for maximum Pike catching vibration and boasts of top-quality components. The Perfect Skirt and Magic Tail come in natural colors that realistically mimic bait to trigger explosive strikes.

This is a Pike with a really bad attitude and a big reputation for fighting back. With a premium hook exclusively made by Strike King, it can hold any Pike with attitude. The KVD Spinnerbait also comes in 9 different colors, including Blue Gizzard, Chartreuse Sexy Shad, and SuperWhite. You can also choose from 1/2 oz or 3/2 oz, depending on your preference and location. For the reasons above, this stunning Spinnerbait that seals any deal is my number one pick!


  • Made of polished reflective blade to attract Pike
  • Very durable hook for large Pike
  • Perfect Skirt and Magic Tail for ideal mimicking
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Deliver internationally


  • Not ideal for calm water

The KVD Spinnerbait is not just a fishing lure. It is a finesse signature blade and one of the best in the market. With different colors to choose from, you can add it to your collection. What’s more appealing than to own a signature Spinnerbait that strikes true?

If you don’t own one, buy here before it went out of stock. Time for those aerial acrobatics actions!

War Eagle Gold Frame Spinnerbait Fishing Lure


  • 24K Gold Plated wire for Better Vibration
  • Custom Hand Tight Silicon Skirt
  • Sampo Swivel for Maximum Strength
  • Mustad Needlepoint Hook

The main thing about Spinnerbait is the blade. While choosing Spinnerbait, it is necessary to pay attention to the types of blades.

The two most popular types of spinnerbait are willow blade and Colorado blade. When it’s really windy outside and in clear water, the gold willow blade is the most preferred anglers’ choice. Pike are visual hunters that are attracted to flashy objects. Which means nothing can beat the gold willow flash to attract prey like Pike and Bass.

Instead of an elongated body like Willow blade, Colorado blades have a round cupped body that displaces water when they rotate. Pike are ambush predators and usually respond really well to vibrations set off by the Colorado blade. Thus making it ideal for use in shallow water where they may be lurking.

The War Eagle Gold Frame Spinnerbait features both Willow and Colorado-style blades in as much as 18 different colors. It also comes in many sizes for your preferences. I personally recommend the ⅜ oz double willow, but you can choose from ½ oz, ¾ oz,⅜ oz, and 5/16 oz.

This product also features a Sampo swivel for maximum strength to hold the line. Because Pikes are aggressive and can sometimes fight back, you need to have the required strength to reel them.

Available in various sizes and colors, prices range from as low as $4.63 to $13.49; this War Eagle Gold Frame makes my best budget Spinnerbait for Pike.


  • Perfect for both clear and dirty water
  • Very durable
  • Available in wide arrays of sizes and colors
  • Customizable lures
  • Deliver internationally


  • Not ideal in calm water

Spinnerbaits can come in many shapes and sizes. Cheap Spinnerbait may work for a day, but they’re not there to stand out. If you’re looking to go into angling seriously, you may consider buying the War Eagle Gold Frame Spinnerbait. Choose from the many types of colors and sizes to your preference at a very affordable price.

Strike King Baby Burner Spinnerbait


  • Sharp Gamakatsu Hook
  • RAZ-R-BLADE High RPM Blade
  • Thinner Willow Blade
  • Minnow shaped head

Making to the list again, Strike King Spinnerbait is easily the most popular lure bait out there because of its versatility. The Baby Burner can be reeled in to search any depth of water. Whether it is in clear or shallow water, you can throw them in any water condition.

My favorite design about this bait is the thin willow blade. Made entirely for speed, the thin willow blade is designed to spin fast, which is ideal for dialing in some good Pike, thanks to Strike King’s RAZ-R-BLADE innovation. It also prevents lesser drag while retrieving the bait.

Despite this Spinnerbait’s lightweight, the minnow-shaped head puts extra weight to keep the bait from rising to the surface. Moreover, with a sharp Gamakatsu hook attached to a minnow-shaped head, the rest is history. You can also add a sinker if desired for deep water fishing.

The best thing I like about Baby Burner is that it is easy to throw and cast better. It also appeals to larger fish other than Pike. You can get this Baby in 5 different assorted colors like Chartreuse White, Blue Shad, Sexy Shad, Super Chart, and Super White.


  • Fast spinning willow blade
  • Good for fast fishing
  • Very reasonable price
  • Deliver internationally


  • Available only in one size

This is a product widely favored by many anglers. The thin blade not only allows fast-spinning, but it is also made of polished material for more reflection. Despite the availability in only one size, most anglers prefer to use ½ oz for all kinds of fish and water conditions.

This Baby Burner is a must-have for those that look forward to catching the big Pike.

Click here to buy them now!

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

When is the best time to fish Pike?

The best time to fish Pike is when Pike Bite Best! That is during the month of May – late June. Most of them spawn in April, and by May, the spawn is over. The big Pike looks to regain their energy lost during the spawning period. This is the time when they are in a feeding frenzy. Which means it’s a good time to fish Pike.

They also become less active during winter because their metabolism slows down, and they feed less. It may be tough for anglers to fish Pike during winter.

However, they are most active in the cold water of 65° F and below. In cold areas, they can be active all year round.

What is the best blade for Spinnerbait?

I think there is no such thing as the best blade for Spinnerbait. Both perform different functions. Willow blade is ideal for clear water and fast retrieval through the water. Whereas, Colorado blade is perfect for shallow water. My advice is, in any situation, you’d want to have both in your tackle box.

What is the best color to use for Pike?

This season (2o2o) I must say that light reflection is the best color for Pike fishing. Since Pike are visual hunters, they are attracted to bright colors. For this, I recommend colors like white chartreuse or any dark-colored lures.

You don’t have to stand looking at those 50 types of color options. They are only there to catch you. 😉 Most importantly, go with the color of your confidence. Once your confidence is gone, so is your focus.

Good luck!