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Best Swimbaits For Pike – Why Pike Love Realistic Movement!

A swimbait is a type of lure that focuses on producing the most natural looking movement in the water. The right swimbait with the right movement possesses can make a huge difference when it comes to your pike catch rate.

But how do you know which swimbaits are the best for pike? Many factors go into determining the best bait, but fear not because in this blog post I am analyzing and reviewing the best swimbaits for pike available on the market today.

Best Swimbaits For Pike

You have to understand that pike are some of the smartest water predators and their bait preference can change within the hour. Tricky right? So, in order to make each pike hunting session as successful as possible I reviewed three swimbaits that in my honest opinion are a must have in your tackle box.

The top three best pike swimbaits include:

  1. My Number One Pick – SPRO Floating Swim Bait SB60 BBZ1
  2. Best Budget – SPRO Swim Bait SB25 BBZ1
  3. Most Reviews – SPRO Rat 40 Swimbait BBZ1

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SPRO Floating Swim Bait SB60 BBZ1


  • It has the potential to easily lure in the biggest pike
  • There is an upgrade from its previous model.
  • This product is cost-effective.
  • It easily swims below the water surface.
  • Four different color options for the buyers.

The SPRO Floating Swim Bait SB60 BBZ1 garners its design from the legendary Bill Siemantel for covering the full water column. This SPRO floater enables an angler in fishing this bait nearby or on the surface. It is also available in the sinking version.

Its lifelike action tends to stem from the pin segments that are counterbalanced within the joints.

This joint system enables the swimbait to start swimming in a natural motion. Its fins are durable and quite soft, accompanied by a tail section that allows for a lively, refined presentation.

Its soft tail section has a great coloring that helps in matching the swimbait’s hard body. You will be excited to know that all of its colors are natural and realistic. It can easily troll the pike and give you your very first catch of the day.

All of its swimbaits feature the power split rings of SPRO and Gamakatsu 1/0 2X tough treble hooks. This swimbait is presently retailing for $27.37.


  • Its durable nature makes it long-lasting.
  • You will enjoy the fast swimming movement.
  • Both beginners and seasoned anglers can use it.
  • The hooks are top-notch.
  • It has a quick delivery service with great packaging.


  • Its graphics may come off after multiple usages.
  • Price may be an issue for some people.

This swimbait is ultra-realistic to the point that it fools pike with ease. The price tag is a little expensive for some buyers on a budget, but the quality makes up for it.

Trust me – It is worth the investment, and you can proceed by clicking here!

SPRO Swim Bait SB25 BBZ1


  • It helps in capturing a multi-species of the game fish.
  • This swimbait features a premium treble hook of Gamakatsu.
  • It displays excellent swimming action.
  • The swimbait comes in five different colors + designs.
  • Compact weight.

The SPRO Swim Bait SB25 BBZ1 also garners its design creation from the professional Bill Siemantel, the legendary trophy holder of the bass angler. Its appearance consists of a mini triple-jointed bait that can capture fishes from 2-20 lbs. This product is a downsized version or type of the 4” Shad.

The main reason behind its creation was to target the monstrous bass that feeds on baitfish near the water surface. But after some time, he realized that in addition to it being an excellent wake bait, it captures fish throughout the full water column.

It catches multiple fish species such as pikes, trouts, bluegills, stripers, etc. You also get to pick from a ton of color options. This swimbait’s entire purpose is to catch as many fishes as it can, so you can easily rely on it to get the job done.

Its super effective No.8 Gamakatsu treble hook of premium nature will keep your pike intact and won’t let it go. Customers can obtain this swimbait for a price of $15.67 now.


  • Angler friendly at all times.
  • It can capture almost every fish type.
  • Versatile with great shape.
  • The hook is durable and reliable.
  • Excellent water movement.


  • It sinks a little too fast.
  • Some people may prefer two trebles.

Apart from the number of fishes it can catch, this top-tier swimbait comes in a ton of colors and designs for you. They include the Blue/Black Herring, Killer Gill, Natural Shad, Rainbow Trout, and Silver Fish. These options are capable enough to attract and capture pikes and other big fishes in the water.

Reserve a spot in your tackle box for this bad boy by hitting the Purchase Button!

SPRO Rat 40 Swimbait BBZ1


  • It has a dimension of 2.8 L X 6.9 W X 14.3 H and weighs over 0.038 Kgs.
  • You have six color and design options to choose from.
  • This rat bait is single-jointed.
  • Its creation consists of multiple composites.
  • It comes equipped with extra-sharp trebles.

The SPRO Rat 40 Swimbait BBZ1 comes with proper tests and perfection through the lure designer and SPRO Pro-staffer, Bill Siemantel. He is an icon in the fishing community because of his wonderful works and brand.

Without a doubt, this model is the most realistic rat bait to ever enter the fishing market.

It features a rodent profile with a single joint and a tough square bill that provides a smooth “Walk the dog” type of action. Also, it has a gentle wake, which tends to hump along the water surface.

The creation of this model is from several composites. It has a custom wood-type feel to it, accompanied by a sturdy construction. This swimbait will easily stand up to strong crushing explosions of topwater.

It also features a long segmented rat-tail that gives it a real rat appearance.

Also, this rat has powerful trebles that are super sharp, with which you will trap pikes with ease. You will have no trouble trying to control its movement underwater. It is purchasable for $20.48-$37.77.


  • It has a Real-life appearance that tricks pikes and other fishes.
  • The product is durable.
  • Sturdy and secure construction.
  • Trebles that are can easily pierce the target.
  • Easy to monitor and use.


  • It is a little pricey for some users.
  • There is a little issue with retrieving it.

This rat swimbait is also a great contender in the market today. So, I am adding it to my top three list of the best swimbaits for pike. The performance is great, and so is the longevity of this item.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. When is the best time to catch pike?

The best time to catch pike would be when they are at their fittest. And that is from October till March. But you should know that it is also challenging during these seasons, which requires proper measures. You can get any one of these swimbaits, and they will do the job for you with ease.

  1. Is the 2nd Product a slow sinking model? And how long is it?

The SPRO Swim Bait SB25 BBZ1 is not a slow sinking model. This bait sinks fast once you throw it in the water. People that prefer a slower sinking model can vouch for the other ones on the list. And it is over three inches long and has a dimension of 0.02 x 0.02.

  1. How much does the rat weigh? Does it come with hooks?

The SPRO Rat 40 Swimbait BBZ1 weighs about ½ ounce. It is lightweight and is quite similar to the Fred Abergrost Jitterbug model in weight. And to answer your second question, Yes! It does come with two powerful treble hooks for capturing fishes of all types. They are at the top of the tier in terms of size, quality, and hooking power.

  1. What pike weight can I expect to catch?

You can expect to catch about 5-10 Lbs, but there are times when you might catch about 20 Lbs, in case you get lucky.