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3 Best Jerkbaits for Pike – Amazing Pike Strikes Guaranteed!

Pikes are super successful predators that have been around for over 50,000 years. They are excellent hunters and possess razor-sharp teeth that could easily overpower its prey. Pikes are often hiding in the weeded and covered areas and require a lot of patience and commitment to catch them.

But using a jerk bait makes is a lot easier! Especially when you have the best jerkbaits for pike in your tackle box.

Best Jerkbaits For Pike

Jerkbait fishing for pikes is  different compared to fishing with lures, shads or plugs. You require a tough short rod with a special design coupled with a braided fishing line for directly controlling the Jerkbait’s action. It is a distinct angling experience with the pike fishermen braving the components for landing the perfect catch. But to make everything work, you need a top-performing Jerkbait.

I will be analyzing and reviewing the three top-performing Jerkbaits for you. They stand out amongst many other models and brands. So, make sure to go through them and select one that fits your liking:

  1. My Number One Pick – Rapala 08 X-Rap Jerkbait.
  2. Best Budget – Strike King KVD HCKVDJ200-401-P Jerkbait.
  3. Most Reviews – Rapala XR10 X-Rap Jerkbait.

Rapala 08 X-Rap Jerkbait


  • It features a running depth of 3-8 feet.
  • Its long-casting incorporated system collaborates with an impressive rattle and a classic action of Rapala.
  • The Jerkbait suspends and tends to come to a roll at rest for triggering the bite.
  • This adrenaline-pushing X-Rap slash bait possesses an Xtreme attitude.
  • It weighs over 0.25 ounces.

The Rapala 08 X-Rap Jerkbait possesses an aggressive darting and hard-cutting action. Its versatility enables an angler to exercise an array of fishing capturing actions in just a single retrieve. This X-Rap can secure a strong strike when most of the other Jerkbaits fail. You will need this, especially when you are trying to bag the monstrous pike. Its powerful triggering strike with the hook will secure your catch in just an instant and won’t let go. The X-Rap tends to cast like a fierce bullet, enabling you to make longer casts at all times. You will also be excited to know that this Jerkbait is available for Purchase in a ton of color options for all the customers.

They include Clown, Gold, Hot Pink, Hot Steel, Olive Green, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Silver, and Silver Blue. I recommend you to fish your X-Rap on a braided line for those situations that are long-casting. The Fireline crystal tends to work amazingly during clearer water situations when the fishes are spooky. Using a braided line will enable you to garner maximum action and hook the setting power during the long casts. It is retailing for $16.91.


  • Its darting action is quite combative.
  • Excellent at catching pikes and other big fishes.
  • This Jerkbait tends to cast very well.
  • You will love its satisfying action.
  • Swims well and attracts a ton of fishes.


  • This Jerkbait may be a little small for some anglers.
  • The price might be a little expensive for certain buyers.

If you want a less time-consuming fishing experience without having to wait for hours, then this Jerkbait is the right choice for you. It delivers in both performance and durability as well. You will be able to strike pikes and other big fishes with ease. Once the hooks come in contact with the fish, it is a done deal.

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Strike King KVD HCKVDJ200-401-P Jerkbait


  • It has a size of 4 ½ inches and weighs about 3/8 Oz.
  • This Jerkbait possesses realistic eyes.
  • You will receive two extra sharp treble hooks.
  • It produces a lot of erratic wiggling movement.
  • The darting action is pretty top-notch.

The Strike King KVD HCKVDJ200-401-P Jerkbait garners its design from Kevin VanDam, who spent over two years designing + testing it. It is unlike any type of Jerkbait that is available in the market today. This Jerkbait possesses a wilder action accompanied by a smooth darting mode that helps capture fishes. It also has a broad side to side travel present on the Jerk. This bait can mimic an actual fish that garners the attention of all the big fishes in the vicinity. It has a weight transferring system that allows you to cast it to a good mile. Plus, its top-notch detailing and 3D eyes only add to its appeal, which is a major advantage. Two treble hooks are super sharp, and it adds to the hooking potential.

You can rip this Jerkbait on a slackline for obtaining maximum action at all times. Another standout feature would be the range of color + design options available for you. This Jerkbait is selling for $10.32.


  • Lifelike and excellent action.
  • Twenty-nine color options to choose from.
  • It helps catch pikes, bass, and stripers with ease.
  • Sharp and long-lasting treble hooks.
  • Affordable and effective.


  • Certain customers may prefer a different design option.
  • Some budget anglers tend to look for a deal below $10.

This Jerkbait does what its description says and doesn’t play around at all. You will be able to get a great catch by using this Jerkbait. It helps in catching the attention of the fishes with its vibrant paint and realistic eyes. This Jerkbait has great water movement and can secure easy strikes. Plus, it spoils you with the insane color options available.

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Rapala XR10 X-Rap Jerkbait


  • It is hard cutting during use.
  • This Jerkbait possesses an aggressive darting move.
  • The Jerkbait comes with a long-casting integrated system.
  • It tends to come to a roll at rest for triggering the bite.
  • There is a running depth of 3-8 ft, and it weighs over 0.4375 Ounce.

The Rapala XR10 X-Rap Jerkbait sports all the amazing characteristics of an Ideal Rapala model. This Jerkbait is a deep diver and comes with a brand-new lip design that goes all the way down to the bottom. It doesn’t waiver with its movement underwater and helps you catch a pike or any desired target.

This model is bite-enticing and does its due diligence of hooking the fish at the earliest. It doesn’t waste any time at all but helps capture a ton of fishes.

Also, its long-casting integrated system tends to partner with an impressive rattle and a classic Rapala action. This Jerkbait suspends and tends to come to a roll at rest for triggering the classic bite.

It is purchasable on a ton of color options such as Clown, Glass Ghost, Gold, Hot Pink, Hot Steel, Olive Green, Perch, Silver, Silver Blue, and Rainbow Trout. So, you get to purchase and enjoy different designs of it. You can buy it for a price tag of $9.29 or a little more.


  • This Jerkbait can go way down underwater.
  • It is lightweight and very convenient.
  • The darting action is pretty aggressive.
  • Extremely versatile and cost-effective.
  • It can catch fish of all sizes and types.


  • Certain angles may prefer the slow sinking ones.
  • The color isn’t as bright as the advertised pictures.

This deep diver doesn’t play around at all. It does what it is supposed to do without wasting time and having to wait for extended hours. This Jerkbait helps secure the pike with ease, all thanks to its unique lip design. It may look small, but its darting and hooking potential is the complete opposite.

You can’t go wrong with it all, and so, I highly advise you to score your Purchase Now!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How big are the lures on the 1st product, and can you also get different sizes?

The Rapala 08 X-Rap Jerkbait has a length of 3 1/8” and has a package dimension of 1 x 1 x 1 inches. For this model, you will only have one size, which is the 3 1/8” one. If you are interested in other sizes, you need to look for other Rapala models, such as the XR10 or XR12.

  1. What is the hook size of the X-Rap 08? What fishes can I catch with it?

The X-Rap 08 possesses a hook size of 6. Its hooks are extremely effective and have a huge hooking potential for capturing multiple fishes. You can catch a ton of fishes of all sizes with it, such as pikes, bass, stripers, bluegills, etc. Once it comes in contact with the target, the hook doesn’t let go regardless of how aggressive the fish is.

  1. Is the X-Rap XR10 good for catching striped bass?

Yes, the X-Rap does work in capturing the striped bass because I have personally caught one. The Jerkbait has all the features that make it look realistic in appearance, so the striped bass easily falls for it. I mostly use sharpies or any type of permanent metallic marker and apply some chartreuse or green along their back; after that, I hang it on. It is so much easier to catch them with this bad boy.