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Fly Fishing in Sweden – Where Virgin Nature Meets Bold Fishes! 

Every respectable fisherman has a dream of catching one of the prized Swedish salmon. So it is no secret that Sweden is home to some of the most impressive fishing holes in Europe. Fly fishing in Sweden is also a thriving sector, as you can imagine. I had the privilege of fishing in this place, which is ranked among the most beautiful places on earth.

Fly Fishing in Sweden – Where Virgin Nature Meets Bold Fishes! 

To say that Sweden is picturesque is an understatement. It is every nature lover’s paradise. I instantly fell in love with this place, and I have always loved coming back.

This post about the dynamics of fly fishing in Sweden is my way of paying tribute to this beautiful kingdom.

Let’s begin. 🙂

License and regulations for fly fishing in Sweden

As with any other country, you need to have a valid license to do fly fishing in Sweden. Fortunately, securing a fly fishing license in Sweden can be done without much hassle. It is possible to apply for a license online, which is very convenient.

You can apply for the license online all year round, which is fantastic. Payment is processed by PayPal or credit cards. Once your application is approved, you will receive your permit either through email in a PDF format. Or you can also opt for the SMS option. But signing up for both the options is much more convenient as you need to get it printed.

Another great feature of the fly fishing license is that there are no hidden costs, so you do not pay extra money.

All online fishing permits for Sweden can be processed through the web portal iFiske.se. You can check out their website or download their app for free. The app works seamlessly across all platforms, including Android and iOS.

Another web portal through which you can purchase fishing permits for Sweden is Fiskekort.se. This portal also sends you the permit within minutes of purchase via email.

Another way to get your fishing license is to visit any of the gas stations in the country.

Regulations for fly fishing in Sweden

Fly fishing in Sweden is regulated by the Fisheries Act as well as the FIFS and the Fisheries Ordinance.

Some of the highlights of the rules and regulations for fishing include:

  • All types of fishing must be done with a valid license.
  • Poaching in Sweden is strictly punished, and your license can also be revoked. Make it a point to double-check protected areas, the minimum size of the catch, fishing in private areas, and the catch limit for a day.
  • Any type of fishing within 100 meters of fishing gear that is stationary is prohibited. The law applies to fish farms as well.
  • If you plan to use a net for fishing or trolling, you need a special permit.
  • Some of the water bodies in Sweden are also privately owned. For these cases, you need to ask the owner if fishing is allowed on their property or not.
  • Camping by the water body where you are fishing is also allowed in most areas. However, you need to double-check with the landowner or the concerned authority before you pitch your tent.

To learn more about fishing regulations in Sweden, click here.

You can also have access to a handbook on Fishing in Sweden here.

Best seasons for fly fishing in Sweden

salmon fishing sweden

The unique location of the Kingdom of Sweden gives its seasons as varied as the colors of the rainbow. During most parts of the year, the northern, the southern and the central parts of the county have different seasons.

However, this is what gives the fly fishing season its versatility. The peak season for fishing begins when the snow starts melting at the beginning of spring. You are looking at April all the way up to November.

The warm weathers bring out all the fishes to play. You can expect to see some very bold graylings and trouts in these parts of Europe.

Another thing worth mentioning is that in Sweden you can fish throughout the night during the summer months. Are you forgetting about the midnight sun? It’s a surreal experience to have the sun beaming on you even at 12 AM. This is an experience you will never forget.

One word of caution I would like to add, though. The weather can be very unpredictable, especially if you are in the northern parts of the country. So a couple of warm clothes in your bag won’t hurt.

Best locations for fly fishing in Sweden

The Swedish Lapland has some of the best virgin forests and landscapes. So you cannot go wrong wherever you decide to go fishing. But below are some of my top recommendations.

Vindel River

Simply known to the locals as Vindelälven, this river in northern Sweden is among the best landscapes that you will ever witness. The river is also one of the very few unregulated water bodies in all of Europe.

The strategic location of the river makes it a hotspot for many varieties of fishes. You will find everything from graylings, trouts, whitefish, salmon, and perch. Some of the largest pikes in the area call this river their home.

Rods with a length between 7 to 10 are ideal for single-handed fly fishing in this water. However, you might need a line with class 6 with the same rod length if you want to try your luck with the bigger fishes.

You can usually start fishing in this river from July all the way to early October. However, you may be showered with light snow towards the middle of October.

Get more information about the river through this link.

Örklingen Lake

If you ask any of the local fishermen in the country, they will not hesitate to say that Örklingen is one of the best places for fly fishing. I couldn’t agree more.

On my trip, I encountered some of the best congregation of pikes which I loved. I would also like to add that some of the fishes are quite playful, so a dedicated pike fishing gear is recommended.

But pike population is not the only one that will greet you. You will come across a good number of graylings and perch as well. I made my trip in July, which is the peak season for fly fishing in Sweden. But of course, you can fish all through the year, which is a fantastic option.

You can fish by the shore or a boat. Of course, you can also fish from anywhere on the lake if you have the stamina and the gear.

Learn more about Örklingen here.


This river that runs approximately 400 km is a darling of many grayling hunters. The river is considerably wide and deep compared to most of the fishing spots in Sweden. Grayling reigns supreme in this river, but you will also find decent-sized trouts.

The river banks have hydropower plants, which makes the water level quite unpredictable. I found that the best strategy is to strike up a rapport with a local fisherman, and you don’t have to stress about the water levels.

The best time for fly fishing in this river is from June to July.

Learn more about the river through this link.


This river that runs through the middle of Sweden is home to graylings, trout, and Aland. The environment of the river is diverse, from slow waters to stony banks. You can fish along the river or wade into the middle of it.

However, the water level depends on the intensity of the melting snow as well as the activity of the hydropower plants.

You might also get a glimpse of moose and some beaver that reside in the forests that surround the river.

Visit this link for more info on the river.


This gem of a river that runs in the middle of Sweden is home to some of the largest trouts and pike. But you will also run into graylings in this water body. Ängraån is technically not a river as some sources on the internet suggest.

Nevertheless, it is a favorite of those who love fly fishing. The location of the water body, as well as its environment, makes this place ideal for the fish as well as the fishermen to congregate.

Find more information about this fishing spot here.  

Final words

Sweden offers an eclectic blend of fishing and unspoiled nature. Fly fishing in Sweden is more than an activity that involves throwing your rod into the water.

Stepping foot into the kingdom is unlike anything else you will ever experience. Apart from getting a full dose of fly fishing, you might catch a glimpse of one of nature’s power shows, the northern lights.

And that, my friends, is a heady mix that few things in life can measure up.