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The Best Top Water Frogs of All Time!

Fishing is a great way to spend one’s leisure days. It is not only relaxing but also extremely rewarding. I always make it a point to encourage other people to give fishing a try. There is nothing better than drifting on a boat on a sunny day, out in the open.

However, it can become frustrating, especially if your fishing trip ends without you being able to catch a fish. This can happen if you don’t have the right fishing gear to help you. Ensure that you never have to worry about going home empty-handed by getting yourself some of the best top water frogs to help you get some of your life’s best catches.

Best top water frogs

Top water baits and lures are those lures that float on top of the water instead of sinking below it.

A top water frog is also a type of top water bait, which is very useful for catching fish. As its name suggests, these baits come in the shape of frogs. The best top water frogs resemble a real frog the most and therefore are more effective.

Top water frogs are light and colorful. Manufacturers often use plastic or other light materials to make them, so that they don’t sink. They are incredibly effective if used correctly and in the right settings.

Although it can be a little difficult to master at first, with enough practice, anyone can easily use their top water frog to mimic an actual frog’s movements. It is a sure way to lure in fishes.

In their natural habitat, we usually find that frogs and basses tend to live together. When fishing, it is always better to use a lure that most closely resembles a fish’s natural prey or diet. With time, as you begin to learn more about fishes, you will also figure out which lures are best for which fish and how to pick the right fishing lures for your fishing trips.

In this article, we have brought together our favorite top water frogs, which you can also find in the markets and online. Continue reading to find out which ones made it on our list.

Quick overview of the top water frogs:

  1. RUNCL Top Water Frog Lure – Editor’s choice
  2. Lunkerhun Lunker Frog Best customer rated
  3. Supretrip Topwater Frog – Best value for the money
  4. Croch Hollow Body Frog Lure
  5. Booyah Pad Crusher Bullfrog

Continue reading to learn more about each of the above products. We have included a detailed description as well as the pros and cons of each one in this article. 😉

RUNCL Top Water Frog Lure (Pack of 5)Editor’s choice 

The RUNCL Top Water Frog Lure is a fantastic product. Putting it on the top of our list is no mistake. It not only looks great but also has a firm streak of wins in terms of performance.

The product’s amazing features and quality makes it out favorite top water frog and worthy of being the Editor’s choice. 😉

This RUNCL product is sports bright but realistic color and pattern in detailed, high-resolution bodywork. The paint job on this product is probably among the best you can find on any top water frog lures in the market. Another feature is the 3D eyes on this frog lure, add this to its amazing paintwork, and you’ve got yourself a super realistic and almost lifelike frog in your hands.

The manufacturers use environmentally friendly PVC to produce this product. They also add a natural scent to the product, to make it more appealing and irresistible for the fishes. Not only this, but the RUNCL Top Water Frog Lure’s unique design gives it the ability to mimic a real frog’s movements perfectly. They are thus adding to its effectiveness.

RUNCL always makes sure to perfect the core of gravity on each of their lures, which helps ensure a perfect angle when throwing them into the water. This product also sports a stunning pair of double barbed hooks, which maximizes the chances of a secure hooking on the fishes. You also don’t have to worry about the lure getting caught on anything as it has a weedless design. This product can be one of the best frogs for bass fishing.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • The product is very durable.
  • Weedless design on the product is effective.
  • The movement of the legs and body is very realistic.
  • The paint on the product is very detailed and superior.


  • The product has a very strong smell, which is off-putting.

What do other customers say about this product?

These lures are an excellent choice for catching bass. Being so easy to use, a customer said they are able to enjoy family time together using the same lure. “If anyone is looking for a topwater frog bait to catch a big fish, this product is highly recommended,” another delighted customer said.

Best price and deals!

Lunkerhun Lunker FrogBest Customer Rated

The Lunkerhun Lunker Frog is a favorite among buyers and makes it to the top for the best-rated product by customers. Its popularity among buyers is enough to convince us that this product is deserving to be in the list of best top water frogs of all time.

Simple but effective, this product comes in the shape and colors replicating a bull-frog. It is, in fact, the most lifelike frog available in the market today. To know more about the role that colors and paintwork play in fishing, check out this article- What is the best color for fishing lures.

Instead of strings, the Lunkerhun Lunker Frog lure comes with two pairs of foldable, lifelike legs that can retract and straighten out during the retrieve and pause movements. This product also has a wide, sharp, and sticky hook to add to its already impressive list of features, making it perfect for catching even the bigger fishes.

The Lunkerhead Lunker Frog is hollow and soft, as the product uses rubber for the body. Thus, this allows better hook up ratios as the rubber is more elastic and flexible as compared to hard plastic materials. It also has a weedless design for a snag-free fishing experience.


  • The quality of the product is excellent.
  • The design and color are beautiful.
  • It is fun and easy to use.
  • The hook is big and sturdy.
  • It has good lifelike action.


  • The legs of the frog lure break easily.

What do other customers say about this product?

“This lure has a lifelike action. If you have not caught anything, it is only because you picked the wrong spot to fish. The quality is also much better than the other similar products at the same price range.”

Best price and deals!

Supertrip Topwater FrogBest value for money

Even great products can become undesirable if their prices are too high. However, with the Supertrip Topwater Frog, you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pockets. This product is not only top-rated but also comes at a very reasonable price.

It is the besttop water frog lure in terms of value for money.

The Supertrip Topwater Frog lure sports a popular design when it comes to its shape, color, and size. It crates close to perfect movements in the water. All these features and large, painted eyes make it very realistic and incredibly lifelike.

The product material is a soft plastic that is very durable. It can withstand strong throws and strikes, which is a great advantage in the fishing world. Learn why distance matters by reading our article on How do you throw light lures far. It’s all about going the distance!

The Supertrip Topwater Frog is smooth and can be glided easily through even the most densely vegetated areas. To top it all, it also has a pair of well-hidden but deadly hooks, which can bring down even the feistiest fishes out there.


  • The price is very reasonable, and the product has great value for money.
  • The quality is good and durable.
  • It has very smooth movements.
  • It is very buoyant.
  • The color choices and wide variances are excellent.
  • It has a unique design.


  • The hooking mechanism is not very effective.

What do other customer s say about this product?

“These are good and sturdy lures. Regardless of what water body people use them on, it remains buoyant. One issue is that the manufacturers did not paint underbelly. This fact does not reduce its effectiveness, but will surely make it look better than before.”

Best price and deals! 

Croch Hollow Body Frog Lure

Why buy just one when you can get 18 different lures for the same price? That’s right!

The Croch Hollow Body Frog Lures comes in an unbelievable 18 pcs set of varying sizes, shapes, and colors, giving you a wide selection to choose from any time.

Each frog lure has an attractive color and pattern full body paint, with realistic body design features. The manufacturers use super soft and elastic material to enhance the lifelike feel of the product. Its hollow body makes it easier to replicate the frog-walking motion on open waters, thus increasing its appeal to unsuspecting fishes in the waters.

Each frog also comes with a tough and reliable double-hook design to make it easier to hook onto fishes and keep them there. The unique interior weighting system keeps the lures from sinking and ensures firm hookups.

The sleek shape and weedless design ensure that the lures don’t get caught in vegetation or undergrowths. The Croch Hollow Body Frog Lures can easily move through lily pads, sticks, leaves, and even vines.


  • The paintwork on the lures is vivid and attractive.
  • Color and size selection is very good.
  • The lures work effortlessly even in weeds.
  • Good value for money.
  • The hooks are sharp and effective.


  • The material used for the product is of inferior quality.

What do other customers say about this product?

“The quality you get in this product exceeds its value. You will get three different frog sizes. Even before using it, it looks like it will be an excellent product.”

Best price and deals!

BOOYAH Pad Crusher Bullfrog

The BOOYAH Pad Crusher Bullfrog does not only score high in terms of its aesthetic but is also one of the most high-utility and effective topwater frog lures available for sale in the market. In what the manufacturers call the ‘pad crusher technique,’ these superior lures have a specially designed hollow body which is perfect for throwing and casting out into the densely weeded areas.

Its structure and material of the product make it completely weedless. The soft plastic material of its body helps to retain its shape, prevent snagging. It is delicate but is also dense enough to secure perfect landings as well as strong hookups.

Its color scheme and overall body design enable it to mimic a real frog’s actual movements flawlessly. Therefore, this gives it a more lifelike feel and offers an edge in attracting more fishes.

It also has strong and steady double hooks placed on each side of its body and spinner-style legs.


  • The quality of the product is good.
  • It is extremely durable and sturdy.
  • It does not fill up with water easily.
  • It is very smooth over dense vegetation and weeded water surfaces.
  • The price of the product is very reasonable.


  • It does not perform as well as expected on clear and open water.

What do other customers say about this product?

“Water does not fill up the frog unless a fish bites it. And even if it does, all you have to do is give it a good squeeze, and you are good to go! It is one of the best topwater frogs in the market.”

Best price and deals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What color frogs are best for catching fish?

Frogs are among the top foods for many fishes out there in the wild. Most of the time, the frogs which these fishes eat have duller colors with more subtle patterns. The reason for this may be because rightly colored frogs are usually poisonous.

When selecting frog lures to take with you on a fishing trip, it will be best to choose the ones with dark colors and hues, especially if the water is murky, muddy, or dense. However, for clear waters, getting white or similar shades will be more effective.

To help you bring in your catches using the frog lures, you can also take a RESTCLOUD fishing net with you.

How do you set the hook on a frog lure?

Frog lures are supposed to float over or just below the surface of the water. Knowing when to set the hook on a catch is as important as knowing how to cast a line.

When going fishing with a frog lure, you should wait till you feel the pressure from the fish tugging at the frog on the other end. Only when you feel a considerable amount of pressure from the fish, then you can set the hook immediately.

Are frog lures good for bass?

In their natural habitats, bass and frogs live together, which means that they probably make for a good food option to a bass. In this sense, using frog lures will most likely be the right choice when it comes to catching bass. These fishes are attracted to their natural prey, so it is always good to select a lure or bait, which most closely resembles the particular fish’s favorite foods.

If you are keen to know how much each of your catches weighs, you can always carry a small, handy South Bend Digital Hanging Fishing Scale with you.


Fishing is not all that complicated. It is, in fact, a gratifying hobby. Not only do you get to spend a day out in the open, but you are also able to bring home something for your dinner later in the night what better way is there to stay productive and happy at the same time.

Now that you’ve learned a lot about the best top water frogs used for fishing, you should make it a point to get one for yourself and try it out. These are seriously effective and work great in real situations for catching many different kinds of fishes.