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The Best Lures for White Bass Revealed!

In the angling industry, white bass was not as popular as the largemouth or striped bass. However, it is definitely starting to attract the attention of many fishing enthusiasts, especially in the last couple of years.

If you are a passionate angler like me, you probably know that there is always a heated debate when it comes to the topic ‘best lures for white bass.’

White bass has many other common names, including sand bass and silver bass. This particular species is an open water fish. Therefore, they gather in large reservoirs, rivers, creeks, lakes, and ponds. Learn interesting facts about white bass here.

Best lures for white bass

Every angler worth his salt knows that white bass or sand bass loves one thing in particular – shads. But does that mean that lures that resemble a shad make the best lures for these fishes? Well, that’s what I’ve been trying to find out for the last few years.

So, in pursuit of the best lures for white bass, I went on to test a lot of different lures that are available on the market. Suffice to say, the results were surprising, but it was pretty good too.

The following reviews are a result of my years of hard work and research. I hope my list of the best lures for sand bass will help everyone in the fishing community. Also, check out my article on what lures catch what fish.

Top 6 Best Lures For White Bass:

  1. Catch Co Mike Bucca Baby bullShad Swimbait – Editors’ Choice
  2. Mepps Aglia dressed treble fishing lure – Best reviews
  3. Maurice Sporting MeppsDressed lure assortment kit – Best product for the money
  4. Northland Tackle TCK 1-22 Thumper Crappie King
  5. Booyah Colorado blade spinnerbait bass fishing lure
  6. Strike King red eye shad bait

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Catch Co Mike Bucca Baby bullShad Swimbait

If you’re familiar with this brand, you probably know that their products are exceptionally good. As its name suggests, Catch Co collaborated with Mike Bucca, who is the creator of bull shad, and came up with this heavy-duty Swimbait.

When this lure was recommended to me by a fishing buddy, I was quite skeptical at first. But I knew his skills with the sand bass, so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, the rate of success with this bait was phenomenal. After all, it was the legendary Mike Bucca who helped create it, need I say more?

Catch Co Mike Bucca baby bull shad resembles a small live wounded shad. And I say wounded because it has four parts or segments that make it look like its swimming. This, of course, makes the big white bass strike with abandon. Regardless of your level of expertise – a pro angler, beginner, or just a hobbyist fishing for white bass, I would definitely recommend this one.


  • Realistic looking shad
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Lifelike action bait
  • Two sharp and sticky tri hooks
  • Unbreakable brushtail
  • Measures 3.75 inches and weighs 14 gm


  • Strong draw power
  • High durability
  • Perfect size for attracting small to average sized white bass
  • Great swimming action


  • Price is on the higher side
  • International shipping options are limited

What other customers say about the Catch Co Mike Bucca baby bull shad lure.

There are hundreds of customers who are very pleased and satisfied with the Catch Co Mike Bucca baby bull shad swimbait. One of the users says that the lure has “high-quality material” and that he had no negative thing to say about this lure.

Another pro angler said that this lure is “precise as advertised” and that it is very easy to fish with. He also mentioned that this lure is a “must-have” for all anglers.

Best price and deals!

Mepps Aglia dressed treble fishing lure

This is the original French spinner, which is also regarded as the world’s no 1. lure. The Mepps Aglia dressed fishing lure catches any saltwater fish and freshwater fish, including white bass. This also may be the reason why Mepps Aglia enjoys a top spot and is a favorite of anglers all over.

Although I was familiar with this fishing lure, I never really considered using it for fishing white bass. When I did some research, I found out that it is used as a white bass lure by many seasoned anglers. After a few tries in the water, I was convinced that the MeppsAglia is indeed a magical lure.


  • Weighs 18 gm
  • Feathered tail
  • Gold/brown color
  • Treble hooks


  • Sharp treble hooks made of tough material
  • High durability
  • Tested and tried by professionals
  • Works for many other fish species including trout
  • Reasonable price


  • The durability of the tail in some units is not as great

What other customers say about the MeppsAglia Dressed fishing lure

One of the customers from the United States says that his attempts to catch bass were fruitless when he was using other lures. However, when it comes to the  MeppsAglia Dressed fishing lure, it was a different story.

Another user uses the phrase “finally a homerun” to describe this heavy-duty fishing lure for white bass.

Best price and deals!

Maurice Sporting Mepps Dressed lure assortment kit

If you’re looking to buy several dressed lure at one go, you need not look further than this one. It contains six different lures, and these are not just any ordinary lures, these are designed and hand-assembled in the United States.

The Mepps Dressed lure assortment kit is something you should consider owning if you love to use using spinner lures. I have owned this kit for quite some time, and I can confidently say that it is worth every penny. Each lure comes with a brass spinner blade that works really well.

Some blades are silver/ gold plated while some are polished brass. You can also be sure that every single lure in this kit has that quality, much like the other lures from Mepps. If you’re still not impressed with this kit, I’m sure you’ll reconsider your thoughts after looking at its features.


  • Solid brass body with gold/silver plated blades
  • Highly durable lures
  • UV ink treated vinyl decals to protect color fading
  • Anti chipping or cracking beads
  • Made by hand in the United States


  • Set of six heavy-duty lures
  • exceptional quality
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • very easy to cast
  • Good durability


  • Limited options for international shipping

What other customers say about the Maurice Sporting Mepps Dressed lure assortment kit.

A well-pleased customer who made a purchase on Amazon remarked that the “hottest” and the “best name” in spinnerbaits are Mepps. And not unexpectedly, this kit is one of the best which he proudly owns.

Other customers say that this “amazing lure” kit cannot be found anywhere else, not even a bass pro shop – which is a testament to its immense popularity.

Best price and deals!

Northland Tackle TCK 1-22 Thumper Crappie King

There is a good reason why this lure is called a Crappie King. It is a favorite of anglers who fish for crappies, white bass, trout, walleyes, and many other species. This makes it a highly versatile fishing lure that every fishing enthusiast must own.

In comparison to other great lures for bass on my list, this one is a little pricey. But I don’t mind at all as it is a star performer. Moreover, it is very versatile, which is a great bonus. This lure is also very easy to cast, which is why I had to give it a place in my best lures for sand bass list.

In addition to its ability to attract a lot of different fishes, it is also highly effective and a reliable fishing lure which works in almost any condition. Here is what the Northland Tackle Thumper Crappie King has to offer.


  • Minnow head like design
  • Double curl screw tail
  • Equipped with a belly blade
  • High-quality materials


  • Easy to use
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Great quality and durability
  • Works really well in all conditions


  • Price is a bit high

What other customers say about the Northland Tackle Thumper Crappie King

It has only been a few months ever since this item was available on Amazon, and there are no reviews yet on this platform. However, the reviews on the Northland Tackle website are largely positive.

One of the costumers claimed that the Thumper Crappie King is an amazing lure for white bass and trout; he also added that he would recommend the product to everyone fishing for white bass.

Another simply writes a “high quality” product that lures fish as a magnet attracts a piece of iron.

Best price and deals! 

Booyah Colorado blade spinnerbait bass fishing lure

Almost every angler knows how frustrating it can be when the fishing equipment fails. And the obvious reason why this happens is the poor quality of the equipment. You can prevent this disappointment by using the Booyah fishing lure.

A top reason why I am partial to this lure is its incredible performance. It is so consistent, thanks to its ball bearing swivel that allows the spinner to spin flawlessly. The flared gills and 3D eyes are also a cool feature that contributes to this spinnerbait’s overall performance.


  • 37 gauge stainless steel frame that ensures maximum durability
  • Sturdy and tough ultra point hook
  • Realistic looking head with 3D eyes
  • Ball-bearing swivel ensures smooth spin
  • Produces strong vibration and a unique flash


  • High-quality lure tor optimum performance
  • Designed and built by a reputed brand
  • Made of corrosion-free stainless steel
  • Lifelike design


  • Not available in California

What other customers say about the Booyah Colorado blade spinnerbait bass fishing lure.

A lot of verified purchasers on Amazon seem to be incredibly happy to have discovered this amazing fishing lure. Some users even claimed to have caught over fifteen white basses on their first day.

Many others were pleased that the product was “exactly as described.” I totally agree with this one. It’s a fantastic quality lure, so you will not be greeted with disappointment.

Best price and deals!

Strike King red eye shad bait

The last lure on my list of the best lures for white bass is a small red-eyed shad, which is also my personal favorite. What makes the Strike King red eye shad bait special is its unique design and color. It has a body that resembles a shad, and its color is a golden-colored line on its body. It has two treble hooks that are perfect for effective hooking. It is also worth mentioning that this is a lipless crankbait.

I will talk about the customers’ reviews down below, and you can also see it for yourself. But I have to say that this little lure has awarded me with a lot of white basses in the last few seasons. A slight difference in how good a lure will work depending on various conditions, but I did try fishing at many locations, and it worked great every time.

In case you are wondering how I discovered this excellent lure, I saw two of my favorite YouTubers using this same product. That is when I decided to give this lure a try.


  • Incredibly good detailing with 3D red eyes makes it look realistic
  • Available in a lot of different colors
  • Dual sharp treble hooks
  • Designed to provide great action
  • Lipless crankbait


  • High-quality hooks
  • An effective fishing lure for white bass
  • A wide range of colors


  • Not available for sale in California
  • The gold chrome paint is not very durable

What other customers say about the strike King red eye shad bait.

There are hundreds of great reviews about this lure on Amazon. A good number of people who used this lure has said one thing in common, “great action” and “an awesome lure that catches fish.” While others say that the strike King red eye shad bait is the no 1. bass catcher.

Best price and deals!

Frequently Asked Questions about white bass fishing

What are the factors to consider when fishing for white bass?

There are quite a lot of things you need to consider while on a hunt for white bass. The most important factors include season, water temperature, and of course, the type of fishing lure.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast like myself, you may have done research on your own. So you probably know what time is best to catch these fishes. Of course, the best time to go white bass fishing is during the spring season, i.e., April to May, but you can also fish for white bass in summer, preferably in the month of June.

When the water temperature begins to rise, about 50 degrees, the male white bass will begin their journey towards the tributaries. But you need to know that the females that are much bigger in size will only make their move after a week or two. This is the time when you should go white bass fishing.

You should also remember to bring along the best lures for sand bass. During this time, a shad bait will work the best.

Can I go white bass fishing at night?

Yes, you can. In fact, white bass fishing at night can be a lot of fun too. Just remember to equip yourself with light devices and other necessary equipment, including sonar device and night light.

However, you also have to keep in mind that not all States allow all kinds of electronic devices. So if you do not want your expensive devices confiscated, make sure you’re aware of the laws and regulations.

In addition, if you want to get the best night fishing experience, make sure you take an electric motorboat.

Can you catch white bass in tail waters?

Tributaries are not the only places where you can catch lots of white basses. The tail waters, especially below the dams, are also a great spot where you can catch tons of spawning white bass. During this time, the fishes will strike just about any lure, so you should be less concerned about the type of lure to use.

It is very easy to frighten white bass or spook them. Therefore, it is not a good idea to toss your line right in front of fish or where you think the fishes are swimming. Cast at least a few feet away and slowly reel in towards them. Use fast retrieval when you’re about to go past them.

Important tip: When going fishing for sand bass in tailwaters, you need not carry a lot of equipment. Just some essential equipment will be more than enough. Moreover, a good selection of lures is a must, so you can have it replaced when one gets snagged.

Want more tips on how to catch bass like a boss? Check out this post.