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Best Swimbaits For Walleye – Realistic Bites For The Glasseyes!

Swimbaits are excellent candidates for catching walleyes during every season. Walleyes are naturally aggressive and defensive, so you require patience, tactics, and realistic movement to capture them. This is where the swimbaits come in. Especially during the summer the walleye loves the realistic and fast twitching swimbaits. In this blog post I discuss with you my best swimbaits for walleye list. I hope you like it! 🙂

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Best Swimbaits For Walleye

There has been steady growth over the years with the use of swimbaits by walleye fishermen. Many top anglers are starting to vouch for swimbaits because of their effectiveness. Here, I am compiling a list of the three best swimbaits for walleye for you based on my own experiences and those of world famous anglers. With in-depth assessment and reviews, the top picks are as follows:

  1. My Number One Pick – SPRO Slow Sinking Swimbait SB60 BBZ1.
  2. Best Budget – Yamamoto Gary Zako Swimbaits.
  3. Most Reviews – Strike King Rage Swimmer.

Now let us get into the reviews for the top three best swimbaits for walleye.

SPRO Slow Sinking Swimbait SB60 BBZ1


  • It can catch the attention of even the most attentive fishes.
  • This swimbait is highly cost-effective.
  • It can swim right below the water surface with ease.
  • Double the performance than its original model.
  • You have four design & color options to pick from.

SPRO brings a little more compact and convenient version of the BBZ-1 original with this model. The SPRO Slow Sinking Swimbait SB60 BBZ1 garners its design from Bill Siemantel, a world-class expert in swimbaits. This upgraded model tends to entice and capture even the wariest lunkers into strikes.

The construction of this ultra-realistic swimbait relies on the same principle as the 8-inch BBZ-1 original model.

The SPRO SB60 BBZ1 comes in both the sinking and the floating versions. The choice depends on your liking and convenience. You will also have the option to choose from three different lifelike, vibrant colors such as the Sexy Lavender Shad, Rainbow, and the Wicked Perch. This product is available in a Pack of 1. It is retailing for $25.02 on the market today.


  • Bill Siemantel personally designed it.
  • A durable built body, and it swims fast.
  • It is also perfectly fitting for beginners.
  • Fast shipping and responsive customer support.


  • There is a chance for the graphics to peel and flake after multiple casts.
  • Some customers may prefer a lower price range.

Yes, this swimbait is comparatively a little more expensive, but it is for a reason. The quality of the product is impeccable and exceeds the expectations of many fishing enthusiasts. Because you know.. SPRO is Dutch after all. Like me! 😉

Its performance is also top-tier; no wonder it is highly cost-effective.

So, go ahead and hit the Buy Button right now!

Yamamoto Gary Zako Swimbaits


  • Great swimming action.
  • It is a suitable trailer for the bladed jigs.
  • Enticing colors that attract the walleye and other fishes.
  • It does a great wiggle without disturbing the action of the chatter bait.
  • These swimbaits are cost-effective.

The Yamamoto Gary Zako Swimbaits measures up to 4-Inches and is available for purchase in 12 amazing colors like Chartreuse Shad Laminate, Black W/Blue Flake, Cream White, GP Chart Lam, Disco Green, Electric Shad, Green Pumpkin/Black/White, Laminate, Tennessee Shad Pumpkin/Black Flake, Sight Flash, and Watermelon Black.

This swimbait has a measurement of 1.3 cm x 8.6 cm x 17.1 cm. It joins the legacy of Yamamoto’s iconic legendary line of the softest plastic baits. This bait features a forked tail and a segmented body allowing it to excel as a vibrational jig trailer.

It helps in producing outstanding realistic action at all times. Also, its split belly feature makes it a great candidate for the weedless Texas rigging. It is compatible with an array of rigging options. It also possesses a baitfish profile of a large belly that easily mimics Shad and the Bluegill. At the same time, it gives you more plastic for feeding on a jig hook.

This Zako swimbait is easily a staple in almost every angler’s fishing box today. You will receive about six per pack, and it is available at a price range between $5.79 and $11.07.


  • The Tennessee shad one acts as a perfect shad imitator.
  • This product is durable and will last for a long time.
  • A wide range of color options to pick from.
  • It is also a fitting trailer for swim jigs.
  • The color contrast is a beauty.


  • It tends to be a little big for small bass.
  • Other customers may prefer a different price point.
  • The Regular head jig doesn’t bring much action with the bait, so a chatter bait is needed.

This swimbait is also another hit in the fishing community. You will be able to reap a ton of rigging options with this bait. Its realistic body and movement help capture a lot of catch with ease and don’t consume time.

Plus, the color options will keep you coming back for more. So, place your order now by clicking here!

Strike King RGSW234-504 Rage Swimmer


  • Excellent for catching walleye, northern pike, and bass
  • Cost-effective for the majority of the users.
  • You will witness a great movement inside the water.
  • It can secure strikes with ease.
  • The tail action is amazing.

The Strike King RGSW234-504 Rage Swimmer has a design that provokes an instant reaction once it hits the water. It doesn’t just look universally appealing on the outside but also right below the water surface.

This swimbait features a soft ribbed body and a sleek nose cone that almost replicates the beautiful contours present in nature. Also, its pancake-shaped tail tends to pump out frantic vibrations at any speed.

There is an improvement in both vibration and texture, leading to excellent fish-capturing performance for the users. Plus, it comes with an available length of 2.75-5.75.

This swimbait provides an impressive swim regardless of its nose hooked onto a drop shot rig, pinned onto a jig, or trailed right behind a spinnerbait. It targets walleye, bass, and many other fishes popular among fishermen

. You get to pick from 12 colors such as Ayu, Ghost Shad Blue Bug, Electric Shad, Green, Green Pumpkin, Green Gizzard Shad, Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly, Blue Red Pearl, KVD Magic, Pro Sexy Shad, and Pearl Finish. Customers can buy this swimbait at just $5.38-$13.99.


  • You have a ton of colors to choose from.
  • Different sizes and their actions are great.
  • It can even catch a largemouth.
  • You can expect great packaging.
  • Productive with the spinnerbaits.


  • Its delivery could take some work.
  • The price could be a little lower.
  • The plastic bait could be more durable.

Now, this little guy shouldn’t be underestimated at all. The versatility of this swimbait is what stands out the most among many other baits. It is also nature-based, so you can expect the walleyes to be fooled into believing it’s an actual live bait. Its synthetic material, along with a realistic contoured body, just catches the attention of many fishes.

Secure a place for this little guy on your tackle box now by pressing here!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What are the size, weight, and color options on SPRO SB60 BBZ1?

The complete-dimension measurement of the SPRO SB60 BBZ1 spans up to 8.75 x 3.25 x 1.50 inches. It has a size of 6-Inches and weighs over 1 Ounce. This swimbait does come with a range of color + design options to pick from. They include Blue Black Herring, Rainbow Trout, Wicked Perch, and Sexy Love Shad.

These characteristics make them extremely enticing underwater for the walleyes and other fishes too.

  1. Is it a 6-each/pack or 6-packs for the Yamamoto Gary Zako Swimbaits? I’m a little confused. Could you kindly clarify this for me?

There are over six Zako swimbaits present in every pack. So, when you purchase one quantity/pack of the swimbait, then you will receive over six swimbaits in it. Every swimbait is selling for 1/6th of the advertising price tag. And if you want to own 12 swimbaits, you will have to order two packs. So, here you are paying twice the advertising price tag.

  1. Which size hook is best to use with this swimbait?

A Good 3/0 or even a 4/0 EWG hook is going to be fitting for this particular swimbait. They are also useful and fitting on the head of a swim jig as well. But my personal favorite would have to be on a chatter bait. You can expect a great catch when you start using it with these hooks.

  1. What size hooks do you recommend on the 4.75” size option of the Strike King RGSW234-504 Rage Swimmer?

I would recommend a hook size of either 4/0 or 5/0. However, I use them with the ½ Ounce jig heads or 3/8th. If you stick with those sizes, then you will be able to operate them properly with ease. From my personal experience, the stripers love them.