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Best Lures For Lake Michigan – Set a New PR!

Lake Michigan in the United States is a popular spot for sports fishing. This waterbody has abundant reserves of trouts, bass, salmon, and walleye. Apart from sports fishing, commercial fishing is also common in this majestic Lake. Needless to say, a good selection of the best lures for Lake Michigan is a must.

Because of the Lake’s abundant reserves of fishes, anglers from all over pour into this location to try their hands at fishing. So to land a prized catch in Lake Michigan, there are two options:

  • One, you can hire a fishing guide. Even the most experienced anglers gather valuable tips from the many fishing guides that work these waters. However, a fishing guide can cost you money.
  • Two, you can get the best lures stocked in your fishing arsenal. This is a much cheaper option, and you also get to reuse the lures in other places.

So, ready to find out the best lures for Lake Michigan? Find out my list of the most popular lures as well.

Best Lures for Lake Michigan

  1. Bomber Lures Model A Crankbait – Editor’s Choice
  2. Berkley PowerBait Fresh Water – Best reviews
  3. Acme Little Cleo Classic Lure Kit – Best product for the money
  4. Hot Spot Flasher
  5. Rapala Scatter Rap Crankbait
  6. Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon

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Bomber Lures Model A Crankbait

Taking the top on my list of the best lures for Lake Michigan is this crankbait with a diving depth of about 6 feet. The Bomber fishing lures are ideal for all fish species that call the freshwaters their home. It is exquisitely designed with an exterior that imitates a crustacean, which is what the big fishes love. The bright red eye is also another feature that will attract fishes in the lakes.

The overall construction, as well as the quality of this lure, is very impressive. It can hold its ground when faced with an overzealous trout or a bass. Another feature, which is a favorite, is the double treble hooks. Unlike other lures, the hooks in this one are very close to the body, so there is very little chance of snagging a line.

In comparison to its outstanding quality and performance, this price of these lures is also quite reasonable, which is a plus point.


  • Two treble hooks
  • A textured body that imitates a crustacean’s exoskeleton
  • Muted colors for realistic appearance
  • Measures 2.8 inches in length and weighs 8.2 gm
  • Cranking depth of about 6 feet


  • Top-notch quality and construction
  • Great quality hooks
  • Excellent diving depth
  • Available in different colors


  • Diving depth is not 8 feet as advertised

What other customers say about Bomber Lures Model A Crankbait.

The Model A crankbait from Bomber has great reviews from a lot of its customers. A delighted customer calls this one “amazing” and “excellent” in the same review. In particular, the white lures are a great match for the white bass, so this lure is highly recommended.

Another customer also calls it “worth the money,” while another one talks about the “great quality.” A couple of international customers from Mexico say this lure is “versatile” and “realistic.” Others say this “swims wonderfully,” while another appreciated the variation of colors.

Best price and deals!


Berkley PowerBait Fresh Water

This realistic PowerBait is a definite contender for the best lures for Lake Michigan. It is exquisitely crafted in the likeness of live bait. It has a molded body so that it moves smoothly in the water. The bait is also capable of darting, which is fantastic.

Another feature that makes this PowerBait a great choice is the addition of the scent. It works like a charm for the fishes both in open waters and in shallow waters. Granted, this bait does not come with hooks that, but you cannot miss out on this one if you plan to go to one of the great lakes.


  • Molded body for simulating fish movement
  • Comes in sizes 3 to 6.5 inches
  • PowerBait attracting scent
  • Different styles available


  • Excellent swimming and darting
  • Excellent quality
  • Several options of style and size
  • Suitable for both shallow and open waters
  • Very affordable


  • The scent on the bait does not last long
  • Some of the bait has durability issues

What other customers say about Berkley PowerBait Fresh Water.

A lot of customers have left positive reviews for the Berkley PowerBait on Amazon. One of the “highly recommends” this bait while another says it is “perfect.” Another customer simply says “wow” and that this works for trout.

Similarly, a verified customer says this bait is “fun and easy to work.” A verified customer from the UK says these are “magic!” while relating their experience with catching a massive rainbow trout. Still, another user says this is “a must have for every fisherman.”

Best price and deals!

Acme Little Cleo Classic Lure Kit

There is nothing little about this classic lure. On the contrary, it is a big performer in the water. One of the reasons why this lure has been so successful is the three-way appeal hooks. The hooks are on the smaller side but are incredibly sharp, so your prey will not go anywhere once you hook it.

Their popularity also comes from the fact that these spoons are designed to simulate a struggling water baitfish. The wiggling bait is too attractive for the passing fish not to take a bite. So despite their deceiving small size, they are too good not to be used in Lake Michigan, especially if you love trolling on the shores.

The Little Cleo is an excellent choice for salmon, trouts, and steelheads, which are a regular in this great Lake.


  • Three-way appeal hooks
  • Humped-back outline
  • Size ranges from 56 to 85 gm
  • Dual-color designs


  • Fantastic performance in the water
  • Great quality hooks
  • Robust and durable
  • Comes in a pack of four lure
  • Very affordable


  • May not work for deeper waters
  • International shipping is limited

What other customers say about acme Little Cleo Classic Lure Kit.

This classic lure has a lot of satisfied customers, and the reviews are a testament to that. A couple of customers rate this lure an “A+,” while others called them “great spoons” and “great lures.” Another customer also mentions that the assortment of the lure is good, while another describe them as “perfect.”

Similarly, some of them mention that the lures have “good value.” The weight of these lures also seems to be a hit among the customers, as do the colors on the body.

Best price and deals!

Hot Spot Flasher

This flasher is big in size as it is loud in color. The largest size measures 11 inches, which is probably the biggest one you can find. But apart from its size, it vibrates in the water, which is the magic that attracts the fish. In terms of color and design, it comes in fluorescent colors, which has excellent visibility.

In addition, the flasher also moves very erratically in the water. It produces a combination of kicking, swaying, and darting action that the fish finds irresistible. The flasher works great on its own, but it also complements a fly combo perfectly.


  • Reflective colors
  • Available in 8 and 11 inches
  • Vibrates in the water
  • Rolls, kicks, and sways
  • Durable plastic component


  • Great action in the water
  • Excellent visibility
  • Vibrates and simulates a live bait
  • Wide assortment of colors available


  • A bit expensive

What other customers say about Hot Spot Flasher.

A lot of customers rave about the Hot Spot Flasher on Amazon, while some talk about their negative experiences. A verified customer calls this one “go to flasher,” while another say, “salmon love these flashers.” Still, another customer calls them a “great flasher.” A couple of customers also praised the quick delivery and the flasher’s good quality.

On the other hand, one customer lamented that the reflective coating fell off after some time. Another one also mentions that the price is expensive.

Best price and deals!

Rapala Scatter Rap Crankbait

Rapala needs no introduction when it comes to lures, and this one is no different. Similar to other lures in the highly popular Shad Rap series, the scatter rap is a champ when it comes to stellar performance in the water. It is also a definite contender for the best lures of Lake Michigan.

A standout feature of this lure is the colored core with a transparent body. This is a great feature that allows the lure to reflect the surrounding colors in a brilliant way. These combinations also make the lure dive deep without any assistance and are also durable.

The addition of the rattle in this lure also facilitates in attracting the fish. This will come in very useful when you are fishing in a rocky place, as bouncing on the rocks makes more noise for the fish. You will love the wobbling movement of this lure under the water.

The hooks are another feature that I love about this lure. Two premium hooks made of black VMC nickel are just what you need to land a prized game making these rapalas worth every penny.


  • Dual VMC nickel hooks
  • Colored core with transparent plastic body
  • Internal rattle
  • Measures 5.3 inches in length and weighs 13 gm
  • 14 color patterns available


  • Excellent diving and rattling
  • Good quality lure
  • Hooks are fantastic
  • Comes in different color patterns


  • Not very affordable

What other customers say about Rapala Scatter Rap Crankbait.

As excepted, this lure has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. A verified customer calls this one “the best lure,” while another says it “works great.” Another reviewer mentions that this lure works for trolling stripe bass.

A verified customer from Canada says he “loves the wobble action” of this lure. Similarly, a delighted customer relates his experience of slamming a 5 lb bass using this lure.

Best price and deals!

Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon

There is nothing ostentatious about this lure. Everything from its standard size to its color and design is subtle. However, the Coyote spoon has had a lot of success in the great lakes and I couldn’t leave it out of the list.

Among its best features is the welded ring on the head as well as the metal flipper hook. Although these metal components look simple, they are meant for heavy-duty work so you can easily use them for fishing salmon, bass, or trout. The split ring near the hook is also of the same material.

The body of the spoon has a premium coating, so it reflects light is a brilliant way. In addition, it also adds to the longevity of the lure. A feature that I really like about this spoon is that it is lightweight. However, it works great as a standalone on downriggers and along with flashers.


  • Heavy-duty split ring
  • Metal flipper hook with premium plating
  • Welded ring
  • Thin body with a humped outline
  • Available in sizes 3 to 5 inches


  • Exceptional quality and material
  • Sharp and durable hook
  • Metal components are corrosion-resistant
  • Great for salmon, pikes, and trouts
  • Different colors available


  • Not suitable for inland fishing
  • Some sizes of the lures can be hard to get due to high demand

What other customers say about Luhr Jensen Coyote Spoon.

The Coyote Spoon has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. A verified customer from the US calls this a “great lure,” while another “recommends it for your tackle box.” Another customer from the US calls it a “favorite.”

Similarly, another customer says, “salmon loves these lures.” A couple of verified customers from Canada also talk about its positive points, including the “good price point.”

Best price and deals!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing in Lake Michigan

Is a fishing license required to fish in Lake Michigan?


A fishing license is a definite requirement to fish in this great Lake. Anglers above the age of 17 need a license without which you cannot fish in Lake Michigan.

Fishing licenses are available in tackle shops and other popular chain stores, including Walmart, Ace Hardware, and Bass Pro Shop. Additionally, you can also get the license online.

For more information about the price and online fishing license for Lake Michigan, visit this link.

Is it mandatory to hire a fishing guide?

It is not mandatory to hire a professional guide for fishing in Lake Michigan. However, there are advantages to using their services.

  • One, additional safety. Fishing guides and charter boat services have a captain licensed by the US Coast Guard. So you can focus all your energy into fishing without worrying about anything.
  • Two, all the fishing gear is provided by the charter company. This means you can pretty much show up empty-handed and get access to top-notch fishing gear.
  • Three, charter companies and fishing guides have a no fish-no pay policy, which means you have nothing to lose.

What is the right attire for fishing in Lake Michigan?

Weather in and around this majestic Lake can be quite unstable. This means that you should be prepared with the right clothes.

  • A light t-shirt that you can layer underneath a fishing vest is a good choice.
  • A lightweight waterproof jacket is also a must in your arsenal.
  • For footwear, sturdy sports or tennis shoes should suffice.
  • You should get protective items such as hats and sunglasses, so you get sufficient protection from the sun.

Keep in mind these personal items will not be provided even if you hire a charter or a fishing company.

What is the best season for Lake Michigan fishing?

The peak season for fishing in Lake Michigan begins in April. During this time, you should have ample opportunities to catch trout, salmon, and steelheads. The beginning of the fishing season is also when anglers of all skill levels congregate at the Lake.

If you are after coho and king salmon, the months from May to June are a good time.

From July to September, king salmon and jumbo trouts are the players in this Lake. Some massive steelheads will also be around this time of the year.

The months of September and October are the last but not the least as the seasoned ones come out to play – both the angler and the fish. Veteran anglers who are passionate about the big trophies hang around the Lake this time of the year. Trouts and king salmons that are about 15 lbs are regularly caught during this time.

Any tips for Lake Michigan fishing?

I have been fortunate to fish in this fantastic Lake on a number of occasions. So, some of my top tips to fish in Lake Michigan are:

  • If you are fishing in this Lake for the first time, it is best to hire a fishing guide. These folks have been on the Lake for many years, and they know the tips and tricks.
  • While selecting the best lures for Lake Michigan, try to match them closely to the environment. The color of the lure will make a big difference in the outcome of your catch.
  • Trolling is a proven technique to catch a big game in this Lake.
  • Use a planer board, so you keep a distance between the boat and the lure. In addition, it also reduces the chance of spooking the fish.