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Best lures for bluefish – A review of the top 6!

Bluefish are one of the most exciting fish to catch for many reasons. They are fierce, aggressive travel in schools, which makes them all the more interesting to catch. All we need is a good day and the best lures for bluefish that the market has to offer!

As mentioned earlier, bluefish move together in large groups. Therefore, there is always some form of competition when it comes to food. This fact only works in our favor because they are likely to try to eat any lure that you cast. For other types of fish, you might need a different lure for a different species. This article, “what lures catch what fish” will help you get an idea about it.

Best lures for bluefish

Since there are many lures that you can find in the market, I wanted to narrow down your search and make a list of only the best lures for bluefish that you will need. With the help of a detailed review of each listed product, you can find the one that suits your needs best and make an informed purchase decision.

Whether you are an experienced fisher or a rookie, catching a bluefish is always something that excites everyone. Here is a list of the best lures for bluefish, which can help you hook one in on your next fishing trip.

Overview of the top 6 best lures for bluefish:

  1. REELDICULOUS Flat Side Jigs (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Capt Jay Fishing Saltwater Jigs (Best Customer Reviews)
  3. Spro Bucktail Jig (Best Value for Money)
  4. Deadly Dick 1L-05 Long Blue Prizm
  5. Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig Lure
  6. Bomber Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch

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REELDICULOUS Flat Side Jigs – Editor’s choice

The REELDICULOUS Flat Side Jigs is a fantastic product and our favorite lure for bluefish hands down. Its exceptional product features make it a class apart from the other lures. It has an asymmetric 3D body design and shape, with a detailed mirrored finish to add to its aesthetic as much as its effectiveness.

The multi-colored and pattern paint on the jigs helps improve its visual appeal to the fishes and enhances its performance. The light and dark color contrasts textured detailed patterns, and glossy, mirrored finish allows maximum light reflection. These visual features can heighten and improve underwater visibility.

It has a core-centered balanced design, which makes it perfect for vertical drop situations. Not only this, but the REELDICULOUS Flat Side Jigs can also penetrate smoothly and dive through deep water, making it exceptionally effective for deepwater anglers. This product can shoot downwards at super high speed without any problem.

Its thoughtfully calculated weight and size allow it to cover any depth, waterbody, force, or current.

This product comes in a pack containing five individual lures, each equipped with military-grade Kevlar assist cords and Mustad strong forged high carbon steel hooks. Each jig also comes with an additional high-quality stainless steel solid ring and ultra-wire split ring.


  • The quality of the product is superior.
  • The strength and toughness of the material are good.
  • Paintwork does not chip off.
  • Size, fit, and finish of the products are great.
  • There is no chance of snags when used with the solid ring.
  • Efficient and consistent performance.


  • The price of the product is a little steep.

What do other customers say about this product?

It looks and feels like a top-shelf product, and many buyers have praised this product for using the best quality materials and being very durable. Everything about this lure seems to hit all the right spots.

Best price and deals! 

Capt Jay Fishing Saltwater Jig- Best Customer Reviews

The Capt Jay Fishing Saltwater Jig is an amazing product for catching bluefishes. It is also a favorite among the buyers, which is evident from its high ratings and excellent reviews online. There are many reasons why this particular product is so popular with customers. Its innovative design and features help to give it an edge from the other lures.

This product is perfect for slow jigging, rapid jigging, vertical jigging, and flat falling, owing to its size, shape, and design. When underwater, the balance mechanism and movements of the product mimic that of a wounded fish, thus making it more appealing. The impressive paintwork is detailed and beautiful, with a reflective finish. It also has a luminous glow edge along its body for enhanced visibility, even in dark, deep waters.

Each jig comes with a perfectly curved and positioned high-quality hook, sturdy and strong enough to hook even the toughest fishes out there. It can penetrate deep into the fish’s flesh and does not come off quickly. Its purposely slim cut body allows it to move around swiftly for high-speed action.

The Capt Jay Fishing Saltwater Jig also comes with heavy-duty Kevlar assist cords, solid ring, and split ring. No wonder it’s a crowd favorite.


  • The product can handle strong currents and dive to reach incredible depths without problems.
  • Jigging motions and movements are life-like and effective.
  • The glow edge feature of the product is good.
  • This product is well built and reliable.
  • It is very durable.


  • It does not come with an additional assist hook.

What do other customers say about this product?

“This product is a great lure and offers speedy delivery. If you put two hooks of the jig, it will work like a dream!”

Best price and deals!

Spro Bucktail Jig- Best Value for Money

The Spro Bucktail Jig is a super product in terms of its performance and price. There is something about getting a bargain that gets everyone’s hearts going. The Spro Bucktail Jig is not a cheap product, it is a reasonable one, and it is the top runner for the lure with the best value for money in this article.

Like other bucktail lures, this product also has a dramatic tail end, made up of a group of delicate hair-like strings. But what sets it apart visually is the unique shape of its head and the placement of the eyes, which gives it a more life-like appearance. This product comes in many different color selections that the buyer can choose from for themselves.

The colors and patterns on each jig are specially selected and carefully put together to resemble that of actual fishes: the bluefishes and other bigger fishes of prey feed on. The holographic finish makes this product irresistible and improves the chances of a hook up drastically.

Another aspect which sets the Spro Bucktail Jig apart from other bucktails is that it can glide through the water with realistic movements, instead of sinking straight down and hanging in the water. Its body shape and design helps it to remain suspended in water in very natural positions.

The hooks on the Spro Bucktail Jig are superstrong Gomatsu hooks. This lure can perform with equal precision and consistency in both saltwater and freshwater bodies.


  • It has great value for money
  • This product comes in a wide variety of bright colors to offer broader choices for buyers.
  • The hook is very sharp, hard, and effective.
  • The quality standard of the material used is good.
  • This product has great aesthetic and visual appeal.


  • The fluorescent paint on some of the jigs is not up to expected standards.

What do other customers say about this product?

“You can catch any type of fish with this lure as long as you pick the right color. Everything seems to be perfect with this excellent product.”

Best price and deals! 

Deadly Dick 1L-05 Long Blue Prizm

The Deadly Dick 1L-05 Long Blue Prizm is an excellent lure and among the best surf fishing lures for bluefish among all the different products available in the market. You can use this handy lure for almost any type of fishing technique, be it surfcasting, drift fishing, trolling, and even mooching.

This lure is perfect for swift movements and quick turns owing to its narrow, slim, delicate body. Its design and structure help produce very realistic swivel movements underwater, which can easily trick fishes into believing it to be an actual prey. Thus, improving the chances of getting a catch with greater ease.

This lure has a large and strong metal hook attached to its end, which is effective in hooking deep into the fish’s flesh. It is not just the ideal lure for bluefish but is also an excellent choice of lure for catching other types of fishes like albacore, barracuda, salmon, cod, bass, Bonita, and many more.

The manufacturers only use the best quality material and utilize the top craftsmanship to produce the Deadly Dick 1L-05 Long Blue Prizm, making it extremely reliable, trustworthy, and effective.


  • The metal body improves the reflective ability of the lures.
  • It is very fun and easy to use.
  • The quality is good.
  • The performance of the lure is consistent and reliable.
  • It has outstanding visual appeal.


  • The hook attached to the body breaks easily.

What do other customers say about this product?

This lure likely beats all other metal lures. And the more reflective the lure, the better the results. As such, many customers liked the silver color option.

Best price and deals! 

Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig Lure

The Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig Lure has a formidable appearance, with five arms measuring a remarkable 20 cm nd with eight willow leaves attached to it across its length. It also features five swimbaits measuring 9 cm and also five jig heads weighing 7 g each. It is indeed a powerhouse lure.

This lure comes in a carefully selected array of natural-looking white, gray, and black colors proven to be very effective in being visually detectable at any time of the day, year, and even the type of water clarity.

The design structure of this lure, with its long, slender arms, can spread out across a large area underwater, which creates an effect resembling that of a school of small fish. The leaf blades also produce a flashing effect by reflecting the light as they flutter to the water current. Thus, grabbing the attention of other fishes like bluefish, bass, and the like.

This lure is can even catch more than one fish at a time. It is an excellent product to own and a very effective fishing lure.


  • It has good value for money.
  • The product is sturdy and easy to use.
  • It can flawlessly mimic the movements of a small school of fish.
  • It is very effective.
  • The product has good quality parts and materials.


  • This product is a little heavy.

What do other customers say about this product?

“This  lure comes with everything you need to rig it. You will need to reel it in quickly to let its movements resemble that of a minnow. It is an excellent lure.”

Best price and deals! 


Bonker Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch lure

The Bonker Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch lure comes in several bright, eye-catching colors. These lures feature a realistic fish shape body and also have a detailed scale pattern and multiple color schemes on its body. Its design and structure help it recreate a perfect swimming action underwater, which is irresistible to fishes like bluefish, which can’t help but go in for a bite.

The Bonker Badonk-A-Donk High Pitch lure has an exciting and useful exterior, but its fantastic utility feature also comes from the inside. This lure has heavy-duty saltwater graded hardware and components in its design from the inside out.

This lure comes in two size variations and also two pitches (high pitch and low pitch) depending on the vibration frequency. The high pitch is for the windier days with rougher waters, while the low pitch version is perfect for a calm day with clear waters. However, irrespective of the pitch you choose, both will produce vibrations that mimic the panicked movements of small prey, and so can work effectively.


  • The quality of the material, design, and finish are all excellent.
  • Both low pitch frequency and high pitch frequency versions work effectively.
  • This product is cost-effective.
  • It is very durable and longlasting.
  • The hooks are sharp and smooth.


  • Difficult to loosen up the eyelets and tie points.

What do the other customers say about this product?

“Seeing other users catch big fishes with this lure convinced me to buy it, and it delivered! The quality you get for the price is unlike any other lure in the market.”

Best price and deals!


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy lures for saltwater if I want to catch a bluefish?

Yes. Since bluefish is a saltwater fish, I recommend you to buy a lure that can withstand the nature of seawater. There are some lures meant only for freshwater fishing that might corrode when exposed to salty water. It will be a waste of money and product to use such baits to catch bluefish.

Is it possible to catch bluefish at night with a lure?

Most bluefish go deep into the sea as night falls. You can still fish for them at night with the right lure. However, keep in mind that during late summer and the onset of autumn, bluefish will go into a three to our day sleep. You might not catch any bluefish during this period.

Extra tip : Did you know using Green Blob Fishing Light will help you attract fish at night?

Do all lures need weight to cast far?

No. Not all lures need weights to be able to cast far. Even with the products mentioned on the list above, there are some that are heavy enough and will not need extra weight on it. However, you can always add more weight if you want.

Extra tip: Did you know adding a bit of ProCure Shrimp Super Gel will make your lures irresistible at any time of the day?v


Many people ask if they should choose live bait or artificial bait to catch bluefish. Long answer short, all the products that I have mentioned above are as good as, if not better, than live baits for the purpose of catching this fish.

If you want to learn more about choosing between live bait and artificial lures, head on over to “is live bait better than lures?” to get a clearer answer.