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Best Swimbaits For Bass – A New Approach to Bass Fishing!

Swimbaits are dominating the art of fishing big trophy catches and smaller bass as well. Fishing for bass with swimbaits can be a real challenge if you do not have some degree of knowledge about fishing, patience, and, most important of all, the right type of equipment or gear.

Best Swimbaits For Bass

Swimbaits come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. When we talk about swimbait fishing, we are talking about big baits measuring between six to twelve inches in length. These are ideal for catching the trophy monster bass. You can get a bite from smaller fishes as well because bass will take a bite of fishes that are as big as them.

There are varieties of swimbaits made of rubber glide baits or soft plastics, solid hard pieces, and jointed hard lures. They come in a variety of choices, depending on your needs and preferences.

This article will guide you to some of the best and most trusted swimbaits available from various choices in the market today.

A quick overview of the best swimbaits for bass:

  1. My number one pick: SPRO SB80BBZ1 Slow Sinking Swimbait
  2. Best Budget: YUM PULSE 4 ½ Inch Paddle Tail Swimbait
  3. Most Reviews: Strike King Rage Swimmer

Products compared:

My No.1 Pick
Spro SB80 BBZ1 Slow Sinking Swim Bait-Pack of...
Most reviews
Strike King Rage Swimmer 3 3/4"" / Electric...
Best swimbait for the money!
Yum Lures Pulse Paddle Tail Solid-Body...
Spro SB80 BBZ1 Slow Sinking Swim Bait-Pack of...
Strike King Rage Swimmer 3 3/4"" / Electric...
Yum Lures Pulse Paddle Tail Solid-Body...
My No.1 Pick
Spro SB80 BBZ1 Slow Sinking Swim Bait-Pack of...
Spro SB80 BBZ1 Slow Sinking Swim Bait-Pack of...
Most reviews
Strike King Rage Swimmer 3 3/4"" / Electric...
Strike King Rage Swimmer 3 3/4"" / Electric...
Best swimbait for the money!
Yum Lures Pulse Paddle Tail Solid-Body...
Yum Lures Pulse Paddle Tail Solid-Body...

SPRO SB80BBZ1 Slow Sinking Swimbait

Spro SB80 BBZ1 Slow Sinking Swim Bait-Pack of...
  • Makes fish attack
  • The most realistic swimbait on the market today
  • Available in a floating, a slow sinking and a fast fall swimbait


  • Makes fish attack movements
  • Very realistic
  • Available in slow sinking, full floating, and fastball models
  • Life-like scales
  • Protruding fins
  • Comes with two treble hooks for hooksets
  • Available in rainbow trout, silverfish, hitch, perch, and flat rainbow finish

The SPRO SB80BBZ1 has everything you need in a swimbait. You can search the market, but with this bait, you get color, action, and quality, all packed in one. It is one of the most realistic swimbait available out there for catching your big and small bass.

With this swimbait, you are making the purchase of a lifetime. It is considered one of the best multi-jointed models that give a wider and smoother swimming action in the water.

The hard double-jointed body allows natural swimming that triggers hard strikes. The body is painted with life-like scales and has protruding fins, which is great to attract the smart fishes out there.

Investing your money on the SPRO SB80BBZ1 swimbait will be totally worth it when you catch that trophy bass.


  • Life-life appearance
  • Superior action
  • Great swimming action
  • Multi float levels


  • An expensive swimbait

 When you compare the best swimbaits in the market, buying the SPRO SB80BBZ1 will be totally worth it. Its super life-like appearance is a great way to lure even the smartest bass in the water. This gives you more chances of catching that bass you have been fishing.

When it comes to the price, many are having second thoughts as it is one expensive swimbait in the market. However, when a bass strike at your swimbait every time you go out in the waters, you will have no regrets about your purchase.

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Yum Lures Pulse Paddle Tail Solid-Body...
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type: Fishing Equipment
  • Item Package Dimensions: 1.8 L X 12 W X 17.4 H (Cm)


  • A ribbed body and hard thumping tail for dynamic motion
  • Comes in a pack of 8
  • Available in 13 colors
  • The ribbed features use less plastic
  • The angled ribs create flash and rolling action

Here is a swimbait with exaggerated ribs that make it appear bulkier without using much plastic. The ribs are angled downwards that push the water column down, which keeps the swimbait in the strike zone. These downwards angled ribs give the bait a rolling action usually not found with other plastic paddle baits.

If you are seeking to stand out in the competition, the YUM pulse tail bait is ideal for taking it out to the waters. The versatility of this tail bait allows it to be used on umbrella rigs, jigheads, swimbait hooks, and belly weight hooks.

It gives versatility while applying rigging and retrieval. This tail bait carries a nice balanced weight that varies water well when you use it as a trailer for chatter baits. The angled ribs give the bait a nice kicking action.

The surface of this swimbait has a metallic shine, which is a great color for a baitfish.


  • Great rolling and kicking action
  • Nice metallic finish
  • Versatile enough to be used with various hooks
  • Doesn’t use much plastic
  • Great value for money


  • Contains chemical
  • Doesn’t have a life-like appearance

The YUM Pulse 4 ½ inch swimbait takes you to another level of competition for catching those big bass and small ones as well. It is priced at a pocket-friendly level, which should not give second thoughts for purchase.

Though it does not have a realistic appearance, it does a decent job of catching a good sized bass. Get your competition-worthy bait here today.

Strike King Rage Swimmer

Strike King Rage Swimmer 3 3/4'' / Electric...
925 Reviews
Strike King Rage Swimmer 3 3/4"" / Electric...
  • Sleek nose cone
  • Softly ribbed body
  • Thin, pancake-like tail


  • Versatile design
  • Soft ribbed that gives a realistic appearance
  • Made of synthetic
  • Sleek nose cone
  • Thin pancake tail
  • Pumps put extreme vibrations at any speed

The Strike King Rage Swimmer is a versatile swimbait that offers anglers a wide range of tactics. Its innovative design fashions a ribbed texture, which is a great factor in improving the vibration. This vibration helps in creating better chances of catching fishes, both big and small. The Strike King bait is engineered with the purpose of delivering superior action for a big catch.

It is like no other soft plastic tail bait because of the noise, splash, and action it brings. Whether you are taking it deep during the winter or shallow during summertime, you will get a bite.

This bait is perfect because it naturally gets out of sight deep in the throats of the fish. The option of colors you get makes fishing in any water color feasible.

The Strike King Rage Swimmer has a thinned-down tail that looks like a pancake for superior action at any speed by pumping out any vibrations.


  • Designed to give superior action at any speed
  • Ideal for both summer and winter waters
  • Comes in different colors to match any color of water
  • Best used for big bass fish and even works for smaller fishes
  • Versatile swimbait


  • Larger and heavier than expected

The sleek nose cones and soft ribs all over the body give a close replication of natural contours, which is great for catching fishes without fail. This swimbait offers a full percent bite every time you toss it in the water.

The versatility of this swimbait allows a variety of tactics. You can pin it to a jig, nose-hook it to a dropshot rig, or trail it on a spinnerbait; you will get your catch.

Get your hands on this superior swim bait here and have a memorable marathon of fish catching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a compilation of some frequently asked questions about swimbait by anglers.

Are swimbaits good for catching bass?

Swimbaits are available in varied sizes and prices. Springtime is the peak season when the bass is fat and hungry, and using a swimbait offers you the best chance of catching them without fail.

Can I fish bass at nighttime?

Nightime is when the bass will leave their deepwater places to haunt at the surface or shallow level of the water. Swimbaits are the best baits to catch them on the shallow surface, especially at night.

Where is the best place to fish bass with swimbaits?

Swimbaits can be used in clear water and even in water where the color is dingy. Muddy waters are a bit let off when it comes to fishing. Swimbaits that are lightweight and buoyant is ideal for shallow surface fishing.

When is an ideal time to fish bass?

an ideal time to fish bass is in the morning or evening. Whenever the water is calm, you can easily catch a bass with no problem.

When we talk about the temperature, both winter and summer are ideal times to catch a bass. In fact, there is no bad time to fish for bass. Windy days and skies with partly clouds are considered great to break the silhouette of the swimbait. Very bright sunny days or dark, gloomy days may not be helpful to string a bass.

What lure colors should I use to catch a bass?

The fundamental choice for dingy or muddy water is brightly-colored swimbaits like orange and yellow. The silt present in the water can hamper the visibility of bass.

Subtle colors work great in clear waters, as the fish can get a clear look at the bait.

What makes a complete swimbait gear?

Firstly, you need a long and powerful fishing rod that can go to a great distance and enable you to hook your fish properly.

When it comes to reels, any high-quality baitcaster will work, or you can opt for a beefier reel. The reels are going to go under a lot of pressure pulling baits and fighting those monster bass. A strong reel offers a strong line and durability.

Lastly, get a test monofilament line with a strength of between 17 pounds to 25 pounds to endure the bass weight.