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Top 6 Best Lures For Tiger Muskies

Not everyone goes out on a fishing trip, thinking they will catch a tiger muskie. This fact is because tiger muskies are not the most common type of fish that you get anywhere. They are very rare and certainly very difficult to catch. If you want to hook one of these fish species, you will need the help of the best lures for tiger muskies.

Considering the fact that these fish can reach a humungous size od 40 pounds, it is clear that not everyone can catch it although many people might wish for it. There is no doubt that even experienced anglers have a hard time capturing this fish.

Best lures for tiger muskie

I have loved fishing since I was a little boy, and getting my hands on a tiger muskie was a point on my wishlist. It was only after many tries that I finally caught one. I am not going to try sugarcoating this experience; I certainly put in a lot of hard work and effort to cross it off my list. I did whatever I could to help myself get that tiger muskie I always wanted. And amongst the tips that I received was to get one of the best lures for tiger muskies.

After many successful tiger muskie catches, I believe I am now a trustworthy voice when it comes to picking the lures that you might find helpful. I have made a list of products that you can use to fulfill your dream of catching a tiger musky.

Here is a quick overview of the products we will be discussing today.

Best lures for tiger muskies:

  1. Booyah Pond Magic – Editor’s choice
  2. Tbuymax Spinnerbait Fishing lure – Best costumer reviews
  3. Heddon Super Spook Topwater Fishing Lure – Best value for the money
  4. Bonnie Artificial Tackle Lure
  5. Truscend multi-jointed swimbait
  6. Goture 4” Minnow Fishing Lure

Booyah Pond Magic- Editor’s Choice

Sometimes, we do not need an extra-large lure that takes up more space than necessary in your tackle box, if you can get your hands on bait with a reasonable size which can perform as well as or even better than bigger lures. This benefit is what we get precisely with the Booyah Pond Magic spinnerbait.

The first feature on this bait that you might notice first is its showy and loud skirt made of ultra-fine silicone threads. There are 60 strands in there to give it a more extravagant and visible look. The tying of this skirt to the body is tight and firm enough to withstand tugs and pulls of any kind.

There are around 14 color options from which you can choose. Booyah has made sure that there is uniformity amongst the head, the blade, and the skirt by combining similar color palettes throughout the product. For example, if the skirt is red, the head and the blade will also be red. The reason why they handpicked the available colors is to mimic better the colors that we find underwater.

As for the hook, it is a Mustad Ultra Point hook of premium quality. You can depend on it for durability and extremely supple features. It remains concealed under the skirt, and hence, you do not have to worry about it getting in the way of the bait’s movements.

When it comes to the movement of the Booyah Pond Magic, you can expect quite a show even though the size is slightly small. The swishing of the skirt makes up for the size.


  • Durable and corrosion-resistant Mustad hook
  • It comes in beautiful color options
  • The design of the bait itself is a work of art
  • The fine threads of the skirt move elegantly underwater
  • Affordable price


  • The size is slightly small compared to similar products
  • The paint might fleck off after some use

What do other customers say about this product?

Everything about this lure is worthy of praise. Starting from the size, to the quality and price. Many buyers have mentioned how pretty the lure is in itself. I catch musky, pike and bass with little effort!

best price and deals!

Tbuymax Spinnerbait Fishing LureBest customer reviews

Thanks to Tbuyax Spinnerbait Fishing Lures, many buyers have been satisfied to the point that they do not shift to any other lure. You get a total of 10 fantastic baits in this pack and hence, do not need to keep buying a new trick every other day. This product is one of the people’s favorites for mid-sized tiger muskies, and rightly so.

If you want to know about more popular lures, you can check out our article, “What is the most popular fishing lure?

Thanks to the relatively larger size of these lures, you can count on them to catch mid-sized tiger muskies. Experts say that the best bait for tiger muskie is a large one, but I get just as lucky with these sizes. At 2.5 inches to 3 inches, we can consider this requirement as satisfied. It is also heavier than the average spinnerbait. So you can cast it into deeper waters too.

Another feature we love about the Tbuymax spinnerbait set is that the blades come in flashy and bright colors. They spin brilliantly underwater and reflect light flawlessly. With the active light reflection, every movement will catch the attention of the prized fish. The sleeve that holds the blade and the hook together also has strike-attracting colors and design.

Thanks to the all-new design of this spinnerbait by Tbuymax, the lure moves in a life-like swimming motion. The metal material is sturdy and long-lasting.

Your chances of catching a musky will increase with the treble hook attached to each bait. You also get two tackle boxes for free to store all ten lures. These boxes make storing and organizing much more accessible and convenient.

Long story short. Great value for little money.


  • High-quality and hard-wearing metal material
  • You get ten pieces in one pack
  • There are two plastic tackle boxes included in this product
  • You can cast them very far
  • There is no need to add a live bait to catch fish


  • The skirt might come off sometimes

What do other customers say about this product?

Although some people may be uncertain of trying out new lures, this product will change their minds. They work very well at attracting and bringing in mid-sized muskies.

Best price and deals! 

Heddon SupeSpook Topwater Fishing Lure best value for the money

The reason why the Heddon Super Spook Topwater fishing lure is on this list is that it offers top-notch quality at such a reasonable price. It proves that good things come in small packages, or this case, in small quantities. Although you get only one piece, you will quickly understand how this quality surpasses its price.

You can get this lure in a variety of colors with more than ten options in the market. The first thing you notice about this lure is that there are two perfectly positioned treble hooks on the body. One is on the underbelly part while the other is towards the tail. This placement increases your chances of catching a fish.

In addition, the treble hooks can rotate in its place. As a result, once a fish bites, it will not escape so easily.

The robust material for the body can withstand the bite and tug of even the most aggressive and voracious fish species. The construction ensures that this lure withstands regular use. Each bait measures around 3 ½ inches and weighs approximately ½ oz. If you want to learn how to catch a tiger muskie, you should get used to topwater lures like this one.

Some techniques you can try out with this product is the “walk the dog” method where you need to make some erratic retrieving action. Such a motion will make the lure bounce and move like a wounded baitfish. The tiger muskie will come for the kill on seeing this.


  • The treble hooks are very sharp
  • They come in highly visible design and colors
  • The body is robust and meant for heavy-duty use
  • It is an excellent lure to learn “walk the dog” technique
  • They are heavy enough, so you do not need to add weights


  • It is not suitable for saltwater fishing

What do other customers say about this product?

This product is very easy to use. Beginner anglers can elarn how to do different reeling in methods using this lure. Although it is not weedless, you can cast it very far.

Best price and deals!

Bonnie Artificial Tackle Lure

Durability translates into a bait with the Bonnie Artificial Tackle lure. Everything about this product screams heavy-duty and long-lasting ability. The ABS construction on the body is one of the most durable plastics that we can get in the market. We can consider it as an environment-friendly bait because we can reuse it multiple times.

There is a metal ball inside each lure that makes it retain its balance and remain stable when you cast it. Upon casting, you can create turbulence and a rattling sound as well. Thanks to its weight, the casting distance of this lure is impressive.

There are two super-sharp treble hooks positioned at the tip of the tail and under the belly. It is rust-proof, and hence, you do not need to worry about corrosion issues.


  • It is ideal for both saltwater and freshwater fishing
  • Realistic 3D eyes for a more life-like look
  • the ball inside the body helps in balancing and making a rattling sound
  • It has environmental protection material


  • The hooks are small

What do other customers think about this product?

This lure does exactly what the brand claims it can do. As a result, the majority is satisfied with the product and recommends it to other buyers too.

Best price and deals! 

Truscend multi-jointed swimbait

One thing that ensures a lure to move in the most natural and life-like way is when the body has segments. But why does a bait need to move in a realistic manner? Well, the more real an artificial lure moves, the more fish it will fool. Fish are not stupid creatures. If someone looks out of the normal, they will not bite.

Keeping this issue in mind, the Truscend multi-jointed swimbait, as the name suggests, has nine segments held together to resemble baitfish. If you are worried that it might be difficult to clean this lure, take a look at this article “How to clean your fishing lures and learn the process of cleaning one’s baits.

It comes readily rigged with two treble hooks. These Mustad hooks are robust enough to stand strong tugs, currents, and saltwater. Thanks to the 3D printed body, and you get a more realistic paint job. In the first segment, you will notice that there is an inbuilt rattle. As a result of this feature, it will make a sound that attracts bigger fish every time you move your line.


  • The segmented body allows it to move realistically
  • It has a top-notch 3D painting on the body
  • It is ideal for calm and slow-moving water bodies
  • It can sink quickly
  • It has an affordable price


  • It moves realistically only when you master a specific retrieving method

What do other customers say about this product?

The realistic look and movement of this lure is what seals the deal. Even children can use this lure because of how easy it is to use them.

Best price and deals!

Goture 4” Minnow Fishing Lure

This product is perhaps the longest one on the list with a length of 4 inches each. As you might have guessed by now, it is large enough and perfect for catching tiger muskies. With a weight of .77 oz each, you can cast them pretty far and expect to attract the attention of a fish during every retrieve. The nickel barbed hook will ensure that you can bring in a lot of fishes.

Thanks to the lead head, you will not need to add any extra weight for it to sink or cast far.


  • A quick retrieve makes the lure move realistically
  • You get one of each color in this pack
  • You can cast the lure out very far
  • Affordable price and excellent quality


  • The paint might flake off quickly

What do other customers say about this product?

The first thing you will notice about this pack is that they get all the available color options in one. Its movement underwater is also excellent.

Best price and deals!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to catch only tiger muskies with these lures?

I have made this selection of lures keeping in mind the requirements that we have to fulfill to catch a tiger muskie. However, this does not mean that you can bait and hook only tiger muskies with these. These products are more than adequate to catch any other kind of fish in the river, lake, or sea.

Lures have sharp parts that might hurt your hands. These Big Worm Fishing gloves will keep your hands safe and protected at all times.

Can we get replacement parts on the lures?

Some of the products mentioned above have replacement parts if you ever need it. Organizing and keeping your fishing equipment is essential. Store your rods in the right place with Rush Creek Creations rod rack.

What material is best for fishing lures?

The best fishing lures have high-quality durable plastic for bodies in the case of hard lures. As for soft lures, it is either durable, yet flexible plastic or rubber.

What size lures are the best to catch tiger muskies?

I suggest you get lures that are at least 3 inches to 8 inches. Since this fish is a large species, you might need extra large spoons and spinnerbaits.

Is the color of a lure important when it comes to catching fish?

Colors do play a significant role in being visible to the eyes of a fish. Going for bright colors is always a safer choice if you do not know what to pick. Reds, whites, greens, and yellows are some of the most popular lure colors that have an excellent fish-catching history. You can also go for lures with glitter or sequins in its body. This addition helps in reflecting light and shimmering underwater.

I need of a musky rod?

Bestseller No. 1
Okuma EVx-C-931H-TB EVx Heavy Musky Rod,...
  • Blue water Candy 132 shark rig
  • Graphite casting rod, 9'3 inch 1pc. H
  • EVx-C-931H-Tb # EVx-C-931H-Tb
Bestseller No. 2
St. Croix Rods Triumph Musky Fishing Rod...
  • Premium quality SCII carbon.
  • Hard aluminum-oxide guides with black frames.
  • Sea Guide TCS reel seat with eco-friendly sandblasted hood on casting...
Bestseller No. 3
St. Croix Rods Mojo Musky Casting Rod, black...
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  • CUSTOM WINN SPLIT-GRIP HANDLE: Comfortable handle ensures you maintain a...
  • FEATURES: Kigan Master Hand 3D guides w/ slim aluminum-oxide rings, black...


All the lures that I have added on this list made its way here by proving themselves to be better than the others in the same industry. Now that you know the features, advantages, and drawbacks of each of them, I believe you have enough knowledge and information to make the right choice. Try to be clear about what you want and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences best.