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Best lures for surf fishing – Control the waves with these 5 lures!

When you hear the word surf fishing, it triggers a feeling of adventure, excitement, fun, memories, and just being one with the sea. This activity requires skill and the mastering of certain tricks to call it a successful fishing trip. With the best lures for surf fishing, you can get one step closer to learning and enjoying your experience to the fullest!

Best lures for surf fishing

  1. Choice Offshore Squid Fishing Lure – Editor’s Choice
  2. Truscend Heavy-duty Segmented Fishing Lure – Best Customer Rated
  3. Ejyl Soft Shrimp Lure – Best value for money
  4. Reeldiculus Surface Cast Jigs
  5. Yo- Zuri 3D Inshore Swimbait

Continue reading our article to discover why these following products have made it to our list. 🙂

Why surf fishing with lures?

Most people living along the coastal regions practice this type of fishing, by standing on sandy or rocky beaches. Many people all over the world enjoy it because it is enjoyable and easy, but having the best lures with you will make it more rewarding.

There are many different types of lures available today, but not all are effective for all types of fishing. Some people may say that surf fishing with lures is unnecessary and that it is possible to go surf fishing without using lures or baits. However, we think that having a couple of lures always help improve our chances of catching fishes, anywhere and anytime. 😉

In this article, we have put together a list of products which, in our opinion, are the best lures for shore fishing. The list of lures includes the Editor’s choice, best customer-rated, and best value for money, among others.

Choice Offshore Squid Fishing Lure – Editor’s Choice

The Dr.Choice Offshore Squid Fishing Lure is an incredible product, and one of the best saltwater lures for surf fishing. Don’t be fooled by the words Offshore, because it works great in surf area’s as well. It is also our Editor’s Choice in the list, owing to its high-quality standard and effectiveness in the water.

This lure’s unique full vinyl body is not only beautiful but also super sturdy. It can withstand the rough tides of the sea, and even the fierce bites and gnawing from the big, sharp-toothed marine life that it attracts. It is easy to clean and very durable too.

The milky white and greenish color of its body and the nature of its body material gives it a very realistic appearance. Not only does this lure look like a real squid, it even feels and moves like one. It boasts an incredible 98% similarity rate to a real squid.

The way the Dr.Choice Offshore Squid Fishing Lure moves underwater perfectly mimics the actual movements of a living squid. Its shiny body resembles a real squid and helps reflect maximum light, thus improving its effectiveness in terms of visibility.

As though its already smooth and highly reflective skin is not enough, Its vinyl skin also has glow-in-the-dark properties. To add to its unique features, the Dr.Choice Offshore Squid Fishing Lure also has inbuilt LED lights. With a lifespan of over 300 hours, this LED light feature can help the lure attract huge fishes even in hostile, dark, and murky waters. The LED lighting system is also automatic, meaning that the bait will light up on its own, as soon as it touches the water.

This lure’s robust build is also attributable to its stainless steel braid leader and heavy-duty ball bearing swivel besides its tough vinyl skin. It also comes equipped with an upgraded premium strong 6/0 hook for guaranteed endurance and performance in the water.


  • The automatic inbuilt LED light system is effective and very reliable.
  • The glow in the dark Vinyl skin feature works well.
  • This product can perform very well in deep waters.
  • The look and feel of the lure are very realistic.
  • The quality of the product is very good.


  • The crimps on the lures are not very durable.

What do other customers say about this product?

“This lure is a very fun product to fish with. Thanks to the water activated LED lights, you do not have to press anything to let it light up. They look realistic underwater and certainly attract fishes!”

Best price and deals!

Truscend Heavy-duty Segmented Fishing Lure – Best Customer Rated

The incredible Truscend Heavy-duty Segmented Fishing Lure is the best-rated lure in this category for all the right reasons. This product has a couple of new, innovative, and unique design features that give it an edge over other lures. Customers from all over the world love this product.

There are seven segments which make up the body of the lure. A thin metal strip holds together the separate parts allowing for more pronounced movements. This lure can flawlessly pull off the standard S-shape swimming action when underwater. The segmented body allows maximum flexibility for bending, and the loose joints will enable the bait to move along with the water current. All in all, this unique body structure of the lure allows for it to deliver incredibly life-like movements of real fish.

Besides its realistic motions, the paintwork on the Truscend Heavy-duty Segmented Fishing Lure is equally realistic and promising. The color scheme and pattern design are very detailed and have a shiny finish to give it a better visual appeal. This color also helps to improve visibility underwater and increase its attractiveness to other fishes owing to its realistic looks and light-reflective ability.

The hook on this product is of the highest quality standard. It is super sharp and sturdy for maximum penetration power and hooking strength. Once a fish gets hooked on it, there is no chance of it ever escaping the hook’s grip.


  • It has a unique look and aesthetic.
  • The quality of the product is very good.
  • The movement and action of the lure are very realistic.
  • The size and colors of the product are very convenient.
  • It is very durable.


  • The product is a little heavy.

What do the other customers say about this product?

“This product did not look as though it would beat the other lures which are more expensive, but it surely performed well! The slow sinking nature is one of the amazing features that you cannot ignore.”

Best price and deals!

Enjoy Soft Shrimp Lure – Best Value for Money

The Ejyl Soft Shrimp Lure is the best value for money products on our list. It is a fantastic product with many great features that give its users all their money’s worth through its performance and results. It is a super lure at a super price.

As the name suggests, this lure comes in the shape of a shrimp. Not only does this lure look like a shrimp, but it can also even move like one. In reality, shrimps have a very peculiar escape mechanism, whereby they dart forward and flee whenever they sense danger. The lure has a unique tail design to replicate this action and enhance its realistic appeal. The unique shape of the tail allows the user to simulate the real-life escape movement by lifting the fishing rod lightly.

Another exciting feature of this lure is that it comes in a one-of-a-kind color selection scheme, where the user can select the different colored lures according to the weather and time of day. These are white for sunny days, blue for rainy days, and bright colors such as red or yellow for cloudy days. The purpose of this is to enhance the lure’s performance according to the conditions of the water.

Each color coating of the lures also has a luminous function, enabling you to use them even at night or in dark water conditions with limited lighting.

Each lure also comes with a strong and well-hidden hook on its body for extra advantage when catching fishes. You can also connect the line directly to the swivel without much effort. To know more about swivels, you can read this article, Do you need a swivel when using lures?”


  • The product quality and build are excellent.
  • It has a very realistic appearance and feels.
  • It has good value for money.
  • It is very durable.
  • The luminous function is very fun and effective.


  • It has limited color selection and options.

What do the other customers say about this product?

“One single fish trip is enough to catch many fishes with this product. Thanks to the realistic looks of this lure and the affordable price, it is one of the most-loved lures in the industry.”

Best price and deals!

Reeldiculus Surface Cast Jigs

The Reeldiculus Surface Cast Jig is a small-size power-house of a lure. It does not let its size bring it down, but instead uses it to its advantage and delivers extraordinary performances in the water. The other name for this mini jig is the “NINJA” because of its stealthy and deadly approach to bringing down even the big fishes.

This product is a “light-weight” champion and can easily place in the top among the best saltwater lures for pier fishing or surf fishing. However, popular opinion suggests that surf fishing requires heavier lures than the average. However, the Reeldiculus Surface Cast Jig proves its critics wrong by flawlessly delivering in terms of its effectiveness. Click this link “How do you throw light lures far?” to uncover the tricks to master the perfect casting techniques.

The jig’s slim shape, coupled with its extra shiny surface and flashy paintwork, can pull off stunning maneuvers and create a super realistic action underwater. The multi-coated, dark to light color contrasts and 3D geometric patterns, help to product multi-angled light reflections, which demands the attention of unsuspecting fishes.

All these factors play vital roles in improving its presence and visibility in the strong seawaters. The specially engineered design of this lure allows it to handle any type of surface and wind conditions. To add a feather to ita cap, the Reeldiculus Surface Cast Jig is by far the most durable surface cast iron jig in the industry.


  • This product delivers one of the best all-round performances.
  • The colors and design are close to perfection.
  • The lure can go very deep underwater.
  • It has good value for money.
  • It is excellent for casting from shore/pier.


  • The treble hook on the product is large and bends easily.

What do the other customers say about this product?

“Casting this fantastic lure is easy and fun. You will get everything you need in this one lure. You can even use it for freshwater fishing!”

Best price and deals!

Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Swimbait

The Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Swimbait is another tough contender for the crown among those for the best lures for surf fishing. This slow-sinking hard bait has some fantastic features up its sleeves from its unique paintwork to its motion mechanism. It also has all the requirements to give you some of the most excellent catches of your life.

This product’s design and body shape allow maximum balance and quick darting action. Its unique twitch-pause-retrieve style maneuver produces very realistic movements. The Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Swimbait also sports a one-of-a-kind paintwork and color scheme, alongside its internal 3D prism technology and inner hologram sheet which will never wear off. This product is very appealing, visually, and highly reflective.

Last but not least, the Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Swimbait comes with hardcore power treble hooks for going in on the perfect lethal kill.


  • The 3D Prism Technology looks and works terrific.
  • The quality of the product is excellent.
  • It is very durable and can withstand heavy use.
  • The hooks are sharp and reliable.
  • The weight and size of the product are perfect.


  • The action and movement mechanisms are hard to master.

What do the other customers say about this product?

“The strong and durable hooks on this lure are something to appreciate. If you can get the reeling in action correctly, you will be able to make a super realistic movement.”

Best price and deals! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use topwater lures for surf fishing?

It is a common belief that heavier lures are more effective for surf fishing. But this belief is not entirely true. If you know how to them, topwater lures and other lighter lures can also be equally effective. Here, the trick is to understand the nature of the water currents in the sea, which might be different from that of rivers and lakes. You can keep all your lures organized with the help of the Plano Weekend Series Tackle Box.

Do you need a sinker with a lure for surf fishing?

Yes, you can use a sinker along with a lure while surf fishing. However, it is not completely necessary to do so. Having the right type of lures, like the ones I mentioned above, will work just as well, with or without a sinker.

Can we use freshwater lures for surf fishing?

No. You cannot use a freshwater lure for surf fishing. The thing about lures made for freshwater is that it does not come with anti-corrosion benefits.

How far should you cast your lure when surf fishing? 

Since surf fishing involves standing on the shoreline instead of being above the water on a boat, the further you cast your line, the better the results. This fact is because most fish do not swim too close to shallow waters or close to the shore.

What type of lures should I use when surf fishing at night?

Many people are of the opinion that surf fishing at night is often more productive than during the day. This fact might be because of the nocturnal feeding tendency of some saltwater fish species. Although most lures have highly reflective paint job and coating, using lures with LED lighting system or glow in the dark skin may improve their visibility and the rate of your catches.


Regardless of whether the product is Editor’s choice, has the best customer reviews, the best value for the money or not, picking any one of them will be a worthy choice. With all the benefits and drawbacks listed out in one place, you can now make an informed purchase decision based on your needs and preferences.