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Best Ice Fishing Lures – Lures that actually work!

Are you tired of your regular winter itinerary of staying indoors drinking hot chocolate and staying in your blanket’s comfort? Is outdoor activity really possible in winter? Well, get your gears, and best ice fishing lures. Get ready to have a fantastic time without actually tiring yourself out and having  fun at the same time!

Best Ice Fishing Lures

Hello! It’s me again, Thomas, your friendly neighbourhood fisherman!  Today in King of the Catch, I will be talking about  some of the best ice fishing lures I have used.  I have been Ice Fishing for decades now, and I would rather spend my time in winter doing this than any other thing.

So, what exactly is ice fishing?  It is the fishing technique where instead of fishing on an open running water body, it is done by either making a hole or a small opening in the ice of a frozen water body.

Why are lures necessary for ice fishing?

You might be wondering why ice fishing lures are important. It is so because every species of fish needs different bait according to its characteristics. For example, we cannot use a small fishing lure in order to hook a big fish. Every object used while ice fishing should complement each other, the ice fishing rod should support the fishing lure and vice-versa and the type of fish that is to be caught; it is a circle of support.

Over the years of numerous ice fishing trips, I have followed my father’s advice of always having the best ice fishing lures with me.

Now, I cannot lie about the fact that I have had my fair share of ups and downs while trying out the wide variety of lures available. But through trial and error method, here are some of my recommended lures to be used while ice fishing, especially for specific varieties of fish. 🙂

In the past, I have tried a lot of different lures, and I am always open to new ideas and using various lures and trying them out, but I have for some reason, or the other always ended up using these lures during my ice fishing trips.

I have curated a list of tried and tested 8 ice fishing lures for different varieties of fishes such as best lures for Perch, Panfish, Trout, Walleye, and Pike.

So, here is my list of some of the top ice fishing lures available in the market on the market today.

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Perch

 Rapala Jigging Rap number 02 and 03

The Rapala Jigging Rap Fishing lure, is by far one of the best ice fishing lures to catch a perch. It falls under the category which is known as the search lures/baits, lures that are used to test the waters and search or see if the fish is there. The Rapala Jigging Rap number 02 and 03 is what I recommend.

If you rip them really hard they shoot off because of their body shape and fins at the side, they are designed for swimming in huge circles so every time you rip them and let them fall, the rip shoots it, and they fall in big long spirals, that is how the fish gets attracted to the bait because of the significant spiral motion.

My best bet is to tip them with nothing or red spikes or wax worm on the hooks at the bottom of the body. Personally, I have had the best Perch catches with this lure, so I would consider this to be the best ice fishing lure for Perch. 

Rapala Jigging Rap has not only been used with great success in open water, but many anglers like myself support the fact that it has proven itself over the decades for fishing under the ice or ice fishing, making it one of the best in the field

Another great thing about the product is because of the wide variety of sizes it offers, it is deemed as one of the best ice fishing lures. This is because you can match the size after the fish you are after.

For example, the size 02 and 03 are perfect for panfish, the size 05 can be used in hooking crappie, and the larger sizes like 07 and 09 can be used in hooking powerful fish like the Bass and Walleyes. Only a few numbers of lures are as known among ice fishers than the Rapala Jigging Rap.

You can use customized replacement tails to enhance your fishing experience. The best part about this tail is that it is easily mouldable giving you the control over the motion and sound of the tail.

Best price and deals 


  • The Rapala lures comes in a wide range of sizes and not just 02 and 03; it comes in 5 sizes.
  • It has  Single Reversed Hooks.
  • It has Natural and glow color patterns.
  • It has a Minnow Profile.
  • The Rapala lure swims in circles under the ice.
  • It  sinks fast because of solid construction.


  • The product can expose you to chemicals like TDI .
  • It is tough to explain how to use a jigging rap properly as different people have different techniques according to their convenience.

Review by our readers:

“It gives you so much of variety to choose from. The design is also eye-catching for the fishes. I have had many fishing haul using one of these lures”

Click here  to purchase it.

Acme Kastmaster Spoon fishing lure

The Acme Kastmaster spoon fishing lure is another best ice fishing lure for Perch and also makes it to the list of the best ice fishing lures in general. This is another lure that I use 90% of the time, and is one of my top lures. This is the smallest lure made by Acme Kastmaster and has a beautiful mirrored finish.

Best price and deals


  • It is made by solid brass, which makes it difficult to break, corrode or bend. It retains its luster even after being exposed to reactive situations like saltwater bodies.
  • It promises action without any line twist.
  • It is the master for distance caster because of its aerodynamics design.


  • There are  a lot of  similar fake products in the market. Always look out for “Made in the USA” written on it.

Review by our readers:

“It is the longest lasting fishing lure I have used so far. Premium quality stuff this is!”

If you want to know more, you can kindly find it here.

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Panfish

Ultra-Light Rippin Rap number 3

I personally use this as a big search lure. It is small in size, but because it is filled with BB rattles inside, it makes it perfect for searching for current varieties of panfish. Sometimes you can even get fish on it with nothing on because the fish gets attracted to the hooks underneath.

The simplest thing is to put a couple of spikes on the bottom hooks. I never put them on the back as it hinders the movement of the lure. I personally prefer this lure as it is perfect for pulling over and through grass, timber, and ripping through rocks.

It is one of the best ice fishing lures for Panfish to date.

Best price and deals 


  • It has a very loud and distinct BB rattle sound.
  • It has textured gills and scales.
  • It has Fast piercing VMC black nickel hooks.
  • It has a Long-casting feature.
  • It has a solid vibrating action.


  • It might be tough for beginners to choose which lure to use because of the number of sizes it is available in.

Review by those who bought it:

“The nickel hooks is such a beauty. It provides stability to the catch.”

To know more about the product, kindly click here.

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Trout

PowerBait FW Power Tube Fishing Bait

A tube is staple bait in any ice fishermen box, and I use a 3-inch power bait tube which I find as the best ice fishing lure for Trout. It is pearl white in color, which is probably the most common color.

I always recommend that you experiment and try new things, but the pearl white is probably the way to go if you are going to pick one color. As far as weight goes, it can be dictated by the depth of the water you are fishing in. To keep it moving is basically the most important thing for this lure.

The manufacturing company Berkley in the description of the product mentions that the fish holds on 18 times longer than standard lures. I don’t really know the accuracy of 18 times longer, but the fish tends to stay longer than other lures.

Best price and deals 


  • It comes in innovative and attractive colors plus scent and flavors.
  • It comes in three sizes to cover all your tube needs.
  • It can be used by both novice and advanced anglers.
  • The fish tends to hold onto the lure longer.
  •  It comes with tentacles


  • Sometimes the smell and flavor do not tend to stay longer.

Review by those who bought it:

“Cannot find tubes anywhere anymore. These are nice. Expensive for what they are, but they work.”

If you are interested in the product, kindly click here to place an order.

Sebile Vibrato, metal jigs

The Vibrato has taken over the market over the past years. It has a higher price point for bait, and it took me a while to try it based on the price, but I am thrilled with it after using it.

It  can be rightfully put up in the category of the best ice fishing lures. It is a very versatile bait; you can jig on the bottom similar to a jiggin rap and it gives a shimmy on the way up. This puts out a lot of vibration; hence the name Vibrato.

The action calls fish in from a distance. You can also fish it higher up in the water column and jig it; you can make the fish chase it. As the name suggests, the Vibrato has a natural vibrating action. However, unlike the other vibrating lure, it vibrates when jigged, trolled in, retrieved steadily in any way and at any speed.

Also, a full wire runs through the body, connecting the line tie and the hook, making you feel a secure and reliable connection between you and the fish. All these aspects surely do make the Vibrato fit into the list of the best ice fishing lures in the market.

The lure vibrates no matter how it is fished because of the way the body is designed, deeply compressed with a thinner back and broader body.

Best price and deal 


  • It has two treble hooks making it catch more fishes.
  • It vibrates on the pull and flutters on the fall to mimic an injured fish.
  • It has Energetic vibration that attracts the fish.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes for example.


  • Slightly expensive for a lure compared to other lures in the market.

Reviews by people who bought it:

” It is a fantastic lure and I cannot wait to use it again this summer.”

If you are interested in the product, click on the link.

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Walleye

Rapala Rippin Rap number 6

When you are chasing big Walleye, you have to start with a different spectrum. When you are ice fishing, it all depends on the beginning or middle or end of the season, body water, etc. but what you want is to start with something loud i.e., with BB rattle and obnoxious, and anything that has a big fish profile like the Rippin Rap number 6 to fish this big Walleye.

If you are on a spot where there should be Walleye and they are on an active feeding day, this is the perfect bait because when you rip this lure, it makes a bunch of noises and darts all over the place and calls them from a distance.

Best price and deals


  • It has a Distinctive loud BB rattle system
  • The scales and gills are textured with deep-set three-dimensional holographic eyes
  • The color of the lures makes it easy for the fish to spot it even in stained and dark waters.
  • Penetrative VMC black nickel hooks
  • Designed to crank, rip and swim because of its lipless and belly profile design


  • None.

Review by King of the Catch Trout fishing readers:

” It is versatile in the manner it has caught different varieties of fish with it from Rainbow Trout to Salmon.  It is definitely one of the best lures I have ever used. I love the lures that are way more attractively designed to rope in the fishes.”

If you are interested in the product kindly, click here to purchase it.

Custom Jigs and Spins Slender Spoon

The slender spoon with the gold color finish and green tapes tends to work better to catch Walleye, and they mimic these in a bunch of different sizes. But this is just ultra finesse; it’s got so much flutter to it that it is impossible to not include the slender spoon in my list of the best ice fishing lures.

My favorite bait to use with it is by putting a minnow head on there with a little bit of extra body to hang it off the bottom. What it does is, it flutters the bait on the way down giving a bunch of scent and body to the structure of the bait so as you are fishing it tends to work a little bit better.

The slender spoon  is designed to be thin so that it provides more action than other jigging spoons in the market.

Also, its bent ultralight spoon offers flashy attraction to the fish and incredible action while fishing. The Slender Spoon is a classic lure that has been in the business of catching fishes for years, coming in four sizes with either copper, silver, nickel, or gold finishes and with an amazingly holographic prism accent.

The features that the lure offers make it one of the best ice fishing lures for walleyes and also to be in the list of the best ice fishing lures. The slender bent spoon with its ultra-light piece of metal and its curved body that creates the most fluttering motion.

Along with this, the eye-catching reflective sticker makes it one of the best ice fishing lures.

Best price and deals 


  • It comes in 4 size and finishes.
  • The slender spoon is thinner than the other jiggling spoons in the market.
  • It offers loads of flash.
  • It flutters on the fall.
  • The eye catching reflective sticker is a sure bait for fishes.


  • None

Review by people who bought it:

” The shiny lure is a sure click-bait for fishes. The customer service is too extraordinary as usual.”

If you are interested in the product, please click on the link

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Pike

13 Fishing Flash Bang Jigging Spoon with Glow Plus Rattle, 3-Pk

The 13 Fishing Flash Bang Jigging Spoon, according to my experience, is by far one of the best ice fishing lures for Pike as it comes with an integrated rattle chamber and glows stick, giving it an edge over the traditional rattle spoons over the market. It has a brass rattle chamber that gives out rather high-pitch frequencies, attracting all kinds and varieties of fish even from far a distance.

The best aspect of this product is that the rattle chamber is built into the spoon’s body, preventing it from falling or breaking off. Sometimes fishing for pikes can be really tricky with stained and dark waters making the lure stand out.

Still, because of the integrated glow stick that is incorporated in this lure, it gives off up to 7-8 hours of uninterrupted glow without recharging, which eventually attracts the fish.

However, there can be times when the glow stick may not work in freezing water. You can opt for a long lasting, water proof glowstick to enhance the experience.

Best price and deals 


  • It is equipped with premium black nickel hooks.
  • There are a variety of UV, holographic, and glow finishes available.
  • It is Durable and Long-lasting
  • It can be used in fishing other varieties of fish.
  • It has a loud and high pitch rattle chamber.


  • Warranty is not applicable on the product.
  • Sometimes the glow stick shuts off in ice-cold water.

Review by people who bought it:

“I love everything about this. Just wish the glow stick works in cold water too. Otherwise this is a five star product”

If interested in the product, kindly click here to purchase it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rule of thumb to remember while choosing lures?

Color and size are two important factors to consider while buying a lure.

Color: Bright colors in muddy or murky water bodies get best results as it attracts the fish’s attention. While more subtle colors can work for clear water like light grey .

Size: Generally, they say the larger the fish, the larger the lure and vice versa for small fishes to. It depends on the size of the mouth of fishes as that is how you are going to practically catch the fish.

How do you rig trolling lures?

The lure depends on a number of factors like weight, the speed , diameter and type of fishing line . You can set multiple rigs so as to enhance your fishing experience. You can check out the best selling fishing line here.

What kind of lures should one use in saltwater?

Saltwater can be corrosive and you have to ensure that the lures you are using is made of a good quality metal like solid brass.

How do you choose fishing spoons as lures?

Fishing spoons are oblong in shape with one concave side. This catches the wobbling water and light relection making the bait fish look like a live fish. They are best suitable for large fish species like largemouth bass, walleye and trout.  The effectiveness of the spoon depends on the thickness and shape of the spoon.

A longer spoon will give a side to side effect that has a wider reach as compared to a shorter spoon. The same effect can also be give by a concave spoon that is more deep than flat.

To enhance your Spoon fishing lure, you can also you can also use DIY lure kit  to customize  lures for your spoon according to your requirements.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of  the best ice fishing luresaccording to my tried and tested reviews.  Just a friendly reminder that all the lures mentioned above can be used in catching other types of fish as well and is not a constraint to only one variety, which is also one of the beauties of ice fishing.

For example, the best ice fishing lure for Perch can also be the best ice fishing lure for Pike.  There’s indeed an unexplainable beauty in being able to walk over frozen water bodies and setting up your camp with your gear, chair to sit on, and some snacks with just you and nature.

Ice fishing is a way of life that has existed for centuries and is especially famous in places with harsh winters; it is how many families sustained their lives. Ice fishing is a great excuse to bring the whole family out and have amazing family time or with your group of friends while having a beer, or if you like to spend some time alone, it is the best activity as it allows you to be alone with nature.

Keep fishing!