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Best Electric Fishing Reel – Avoid Spending Money Before Reading This Guide!

While some old school anglers will always stand by their manual fishing reels, more and more new anglers turn to electric alternatives. Choosing the best electric fishing reel was a bit challenging to me, as I had no idea what to look for. I tried pretty much everything. I bought lots of them and I test drove even more.

The Best Electric Fishing Reel – Avoid Spending Money Before Reading This Guide!

The benefits convinced me. You get both a manual and an electric option, not to mention convenience and less effort required. Furthermore, electric reels are great for heavy loads, they save lots of time and can bring in more fun. They are excellent for saltwater, as well as fishing deep in the sea. Now, what is the best option out there?

The truth is different anglers have different preferences. But if you are like me, you do not want to buy a dozen of reels for all kinds of situations.

Fortunately, I have managed to find a few options that work for pretty much in any situation. All in all, here are the best electric fishing reels on the market based on my test drives and customers’ reviews.

Top 5 Electric Fishing Reels

Daiwa Tanacom1000 Dendoh Fishing Reel

Daiwa is one of my favorite names out there. The brand is known for value for money and brings in some of the most cost efficient options on the market. Its best electric reel has surprised me. Not only does it look good, but it is also quite compact for an electric option.

Do not let the size fool you. The unit is a powerhouse. It features a solid frame and a sleek finish that will draw some positive attention. While the price puts it in the good range, it looks and feels like a premium one and its features will not let you down. The digital readout is located on the top, while the display screen is large enough to read info at a glance.

Keys are waterproof – nothing to worry about. You can use the power lever to go through the menu. Feel free to wash the design after each angling session – I give it a rinse every single time for maintenance. It makes it look like new. It runs with rechargeable batteries or you can connect it to the battery of your boat.

Whether you want to retrieve manually or use the automatic feature, the reel will surprise you. It has a 2.3:1 gear ratio – relatively slow, but not useless. It is designed for the deep drop scene, and it works perfectly for such situations. It is great for large fish due to the extra torque.

I have noticed all Daiwa reels bring in an ultra-efficient drag system. This model makes no exception either. Daiwa’s best electric reel for deep drop fishing comes with a sealed drag system. It is extremely efficient and feels more advanced than systems used in other Daiwa products.

The line capacity must be great in electric fishing reels – no problems here. You get mono capacity – 30/700 and 40/500 – and braid capacity. When it comes to braided line, there are three options – 80/800, 100/600 and 120/500.

Best deal and price 


  • Excellent line capacity
  • Maximum drag of 48 pounds
  • Waterproof keys
  • Can be used manually or automatically


  • Might feel a little underpowered at times

What do other anglers say?

“This is my first electric fishing reel. I have tried a few others, but I had to return them. I was this close to quitting making the switch from a manual reel, but this unit saved me. It is efficient and convenient, but also fun to use.”

Give it a try here.

Banax Kaigen 7000CP

Alright, I am getting a bit out of context with this reel. Banax is not the most popular brand in the world. Well, it actually depends on where you live. If you live in South Korea, you should be familiar with the brand. Otherwise, you will do what I did. Some shopkeepers recommended it to me and I was like… What? Who?

Anyway, this fishing reel is inexpensive and the shopkeeper was swearing by it. I thought it is not such a big loss if it fails, so I gave it a try. I must say this is the most cost efficient electric fishing reel on the market. It works like reels that cost five times more, and it brings in some quality standards that you simply cannot complain about.

This Korean reel can drag up to 65 pounds in weight, so it is excellent for heavy fish right from the bottom. It comes with one speed only – no fancy bells and whistles. You get about 12 feet per second. You can also monitor what it does.

There is nothing special about the gear ratio, which is classic 3.5:1. It is alright at relatively high speeds. However, the reel is mostly recommended to small fish – with a few exceptions as well. The motor is polished, while the engine is impressive for its size. It is lightweight and covered in a cast aluminum body.

All in all, this is the best option if you are just learning how to use electric fishing reels. It is inexpensive, does more than other units in this segment and will certainly enhance your experience. It also comes with a jigging function, which you do not see in budget reels.

Best price and deal


  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes with features that you can normally find in much more expensive reels
  • Great for both small and large fish
  • Jigging function


  • Batteries must be purchased separately

What do other anglers say?

“This was a random purchase, but I am happy I did it. While I have never heard of Banax before, this is the best electric fishing reel that I have ever used. I am not a professional angler, so the reel is excellent for occasional hobbyists.”

Check it out here!

Daiwa Tanacom

Daiwa’s Tanacom line is one of the most impressive options out there. There are different options and each of them has its own particularities. Anyway, you have a few different sizes to choose from. In terms of versatility, it is hard to make a decision. They will all make saltwater fishing a breeze. The 750 model is one of the bestselling solutions, but the 1000 variety is not to be overlooked either.

So, how does it work? You go fishing, set it up and fight fish on the handle. When it comes to extra power, you can let the advanced power system take over and retrieve heavy fish from various depths with no issues whatsoever. The system requires 12V to run. It is fully protected and can take a good splash without affecting its internals. Every electronic circuit is thoroughly sealed.

There is a four ball bearing system, as well as an oversized stainless steel line guide system. Forget about line issues or knots as you retrieve. Other than that, the display is given in English only – a common problem for older electric fishing reels, as they came in all kinds of languages but English.

Moreover, you have automatic jigging and stop capabilities, as well as a variable speed. You have full control – simply use the lever to operate the unit. The reel has a good memory as well and will remember depth and line counter numbers.

Just because it is electric, it does not mean that the reel loses some of the main features in classic reels. For instance, the drag system is extremely powerful and fully sealed. You also get a manual winding option. Let me mention the fact that you can use the reel out of the box too. It comes with its own power cable, so you can go out fishing as soon as you get it.

Best price and deal 


  • Available in a plethora of different sizes
  • Convenient and easy to get used to
  • Automatic jigging and stop features
  • Oversized line guide system to prevent knots


  • Could have had more line capacity


What do other anglers say?

“It feels a bit futuristic – a bit of a shock for someone like me. I used manual reels for over 15 years. Anyway, while anxious about this upgrade at first, I love it now. It makes life easier and feels extremely well put together.”

Find the best shop here!

Leobritz Daiwa S500J

Leobritz S500J is one of Daiwa’s best electric fishing reels and is less likely to disappoint you. It is great for both beginners and advanced anglers. I used it when I made the switch to electric reels and it shocked me – everything was so much easier.

The maximum drag is about 30 pounds. In other words, it is great for a wide plethora of species. It is suitable for both heavy and small fish. The electric profile is more efficient when dealing with heavier fish though. The line capacity varies between 300 and 500 meters.

The gear ratio is standard for this range and it will not bring any major changes from other quality reels you might be using. At 3.7:1, it is more than enough for most of your angling necessities. Despite having an electric profile, it is not too heavy and will not ruin the balance on your rod. It weighs just over 28 ounces.

The ball bearing system is superior to other models in this range – 7+1. There is a small display on top of the unit, so you can see most things at a glance. Compared to other electric reels, this one has a relatively small display. It only brings in the most important information, so reading it is fairly simple. There are a few buttons and they are clearly marked – overall, the display is intuitive and easy to use.

The reel is made in Japan. It carries the high Japanese quality standards. If there is one thing I can complain about (well, not me, but certain people), that is the fact that you can use this reel if you are right handed. Left handed people will find it almost impossible and unlike other reels, you cannot swap it.

Best price and deal 


  • Good balance on most rods
  • Intuitive and straightforward controls
  • Good maximum drag
  • Compact construction


  • Only suitable for right handed people, as it cannot be swapped

What do other anglers say?

“I have owned other Daiwa fishing reels before, but never an electric one. It is a massive leap in terms of convenience and reliability. Great support too! Daiwa has never ceased to impress me and this reel represents a massive upgrade for me. Great buy!”

Take a look here.

Shimano Plemio 3000

Shimano does not need too many presentations. It is one of the top fishing reel manufacturers in the world. It is known for bringing in a wide variety of proprietary technologies – more importantly, at an affordable price. Plemio 3000 is one of its best reels.

It is mostly suitable for beginners. When I moved on to electric reels, dealing with all those buttons was my main problem. I had no idea what multitasking means – my wife is usually responsible for it. Anyway, this electric reel comes with a relatively large display and one button. Exactly! It has one button only, so no matter how much you hate technology, you will find it pretty intuitive.

Anyway, this is the second generation of this reel. Compared to the first one, it has a new motor and a higher maximum rewinding power – over 55 pounds. The system has been enhanced with a bunch of small features, while the performance has been improved.

Now, what can you get with this reel? The maximum drag is just over 20 pounds. It is suitable for small and medium fish, but you can also use it for unexpected big species. Make sure you become familiar with the species around you, as well as the waters where you normally fish – exceeding the weight will give you lots of headache.

Like I said before, the display is large. You can see things at a glance. However, it does not mean that the electric circuit will add too much weight to your rod. Compared to other alternatives, Shimano’s best electric fishing reel barely weighs 22 ounces, so it will not ruin the balance.

The gear ratio is standard – 3.6:1. You can get about 25 inches per revolution when you drag. You will find the handle a bit different. Measuring around three inches in length, it will make the dragging activity more comfortable.

Best price and deal 


  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy to run due to having one button only
  • Lightweight profile
  • Good value for money


  • Manual can be confusing because it is not available in English, so you might have to search for it over the Internet

What do other anglers say?

“I am 65 and I have always struggled with technology – smartphones, modern TV sets and so on… I was a bit eager about trying an electric fishing reel, but Plemio 3000 is great. It has one button only, so there is no way for me to mess it up. In terms of performance… It is Shimano, if you know what I mean.”

Find out more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are just making the switch to electric reels or you are unhappy with the reels you have used so far, buying a new model will inevitably raise some question marks. You do not want to make the same mistakes again, do you?

What kind of maintenance does an electric reel need?

Learning how to clean fishing reels implies going through the manual. Some units are water resistant, while others are waterproof. Some of them need a bit of rinsing, while others can do with a warm cloth damped in water. There are also electric reels with no resistance to liquids whatsoever, so you will have to be extremely careful.

What kind of batteries do electric fishing reels work with?

Again, different manufacturers and reels rely on different batteries. Some of them can be hooked up to the battery of your boat. Some others require 12V batteries, yet they may also allow using alternatives that you already have around – such as a tractor or car batteries. Always check the manual of instructions first.

Can I fight fish manually?

While some of the best reels on the market allow switching between manual and electric modes, not all of them are able to do that. Some reels give you a bit of freedom and will let you experience the battle without supporting you, while others will force you to use the electric system.


Bottom line, choosing the best electric fishing reel can be a bit challenging with so many options. The competition is quite intense. If manual reels dominate a market split between a few major brands, electric reels come from all directions. You will find unknown brands that can outweigh world renowned brands.

All in all, the above mentioned models are likely to take your angling experience to another level. They are quite general and will support most anglers out there, while quality standards and durability are likely to impress.